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Zeta Bootcamp: How to Farm Them


SECTION 1.1: General Ship Farming

The most complete general ship farming guide available was created by frequent podcast guest MageDuckey late last year and the best version of the guide is located here. It is phenomenal.  If you are new to ships entirely we strongly recommend this guide.

Some key principles to be aware of when you begin farming ships include:

  • Per Mageduckey, one of the leading ship game theorists in SWGOH, Geonesian Spy’s ship is the worst of the bunch.  Do not farm that ship or that character for the ship.
  • Crew Power is the single largest factor determining a ship’s HP, so take advantage of the characters you’re already gearing up and farm their ships.
  • A character’s mods do affect their crew power,  when it comes to ships the game is actually concerned with the dot level of the mod (3 dot, 4 dot, 5 dot etc….) and not the mod’s specific stats such as speed, defense, etc. … Higher dot mods on your crew will mean more powerful ships.  So go out of your way to get five dot mods on your key ships’ crew members.  This is a great use for those five dot mods with less than stellar primary and secondary stats like health or defense.  Here’s SlaveI at 10254 with no mods on Boba:


And the increase to 10354 for the SlaveI for five dot mods:


  • Keep in mind in the early stages of ship farming that you will need some four star dark side ships eventually if you plan on farming Zetas.  So if we had to choose between gearing up our Scimitar or our Plo Koon star fighter, all other factors being equal with their respective crew strength, we might want to err on the dark side in that situation and gear up Darth Maul and his ship.
  • Lastly, notice that the payout drop-off in ship arena is nothing close to as drastic as what we are used to.  Place as high as you can, but if you need to take a break from farming a ship on your arena team for a different (usually dark side) ship for Zetas, it could very well be worth it in the long run.  Both because Zetas are becoming a must-have ability material and because the short term pain of lower ship arena payouts may not be as rough as you expect.

SECTION 1.2: The Specific Ships Required for Zetas

The required ships you need simply to qualify for the Zeta challenge are in bold throughout this section.  To get Zetas as soon as possible we will also review strategies to help you beat the Zeta challenge with the minimum eligible roster.

  • You need five 4* DARK SIDE ships in order unlock this Capital Ship Upgrade battle:image

This is the battle that gives you the Capital Ship you will need for the Zeta challenge, a 5* Executrix.  It is not the Zeta challenge. It is the prerequisite to the Zeta challenge.  And as far as prereqs go this one is not easy.  Players very often qualify for this challenge before they are ready to beat it without a lot of trial and error.

Tigore has recently beat this challenge and was kind enough to offer us some insight into what it takes:

  1. His roster when he beat this challenge was:
    1. Executrix 4* L60, Tarkin 7* L75, 11500 power
    2. TIE Fighter 4* L70, TFP 7* L80, 13500 power
    3. SF Fighter 4* L60, SF 6* L75, 11000 power
    4. GSpy Fighter 4* L60, GSpy 5* L53, 1000 power
    5. GS Fighter 4* L70, GS 5* L70, 9500 power
    6. FO TIE Fighter 4* L50, FOTP 4* L53, 7700 power
  2. The next thing this Zeta prereq challenge requires is a lot of patience.  EvilYoda reports completing the battle with the above squad over 75 attempts one weekend!
  3. When attempting to beat the challenge we are retreating until the Millenium Falcon begins the match with her primary attack, i.e. NOT thrust reversal.
  4. On those rare occasions the Falcon starts with a primary attack we continue the battle with this kill order:
    1. Millenium Falcon
    2. Wedge and Poe’s ships on the right side
    3. Biggs’ Ship
    4. Resistance Pilot

But just because you 5 starred your Executrix doesn’t mean you qualify for the Zeta challenge yet.

Only after 5 starring the Executrix and acquiring Eight 5* ships of ANY faction will the Zeta challenge unlock.  So to review, to farm zetas we we will need to acquire, in this order, five 4* Dark Side ships, a 5* Executrix and eight 5* ships of ANY faction.  

Section 1.3 Three Starring the Zeta Challenge with a Low Power Squad

Now that we have the necessary ships at the minimum rarity, it will be a challenge to three star the Zeta challenge with this squad.  What strategies can help an underpowered squad pull off the upset and get Zetas on farm like we all want them to be?

Morningstar013 from Endor in the Republic can teach us a lot about three starring the challenge with the minimum qualifying roster.  We’ve sped up his initial 3 star victory and provided captions to show the strategy he employs at work.  Take a careful look as we outline many helpful tips in this video:

So there you have it.  So far we have walked through the farming and strategic battle requirements needed to three star the Zeta challenge and farm Zeta ability materials!  Special thanks to Tigore, EvilYoda, and Morningstar013 for their help in guiding us so far.

For Part 2 of this guide, how to spend zetas once you have them on farm, click here.

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