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SWGOH Guilty Pleasures

We’ve all got one, the Sidious we only star up at 3AM so our guildies won’t know, the G10 Coruscant Underworld Police you blow through Light Side battles with while watching cops after work every day, the G11 Jedi Consular you act like you didn’t have leveled up months before ships came out.  They are our SWGOH guilty pleasures.

I asked members of my community of sister guilds to tell me their deepest, darkest SWGOH guilty pleasures. Brace yourselves:


Here’s my story:
It was a few months before the new beast AAT raid was coming out and EA started dropping the credit heist what seemed like a little more often than usual. So I figured it was time to get a scoundrel team assembled so I could share in the wealth of credits I noticed all the other players receiving. Now there was a lot of talk going around at the time about how amazing Lando was and teamed with Storm Trooper Han you could pretty much complete the most difficult Tier of the heist with just those two guys. However, anyone that knows me will tell you that I don’t always listen to logic and will typically do the opposite of what is otherwise known as a good decision. Enter Nute Gunray. Nute was going to solve all my credit problems regardless of what others thought. So I started working on this gem of a star wars “hero” and getting all excited about how awesome he was going to be and how rich I was going to get from all this influx of new credits. Well, it was around this time that they added the revealing feature of all your guild mates seeing your accomplishment in the game chat. I actually didn’t realize it was a feature yet until I proudly got my Nute Gunray to Gear 7 and I was surprised to see a nice inquisitive question come up in the game chat from our good friend Deathrattle inquiring as to the reason I would be working on such a pathetic character when there are all these other “good” characters out there. So the cat was out of the bag and my guilty pleasure was revealed. I did stop working on poor Nute at that time to spare me the shame I would undoubtable receive when others noticed him becoming my most powerful character in the game. So Nute Gunray went on the bench at the level you see him at in the picture but surprisingly he is still the 5th character on my scoundrel team and I have yet to lose a credit heist.



The Stormtrooper and Star Wars go hand in hand. I used to use this guy all the way to when the max player level was 80. I kinda noticed there was an issue with him in the back of my mind when one smack from Rey’s stick brought him to half life in arena, or how my higher geared empire team was lackluster compared to others in the rancor raid. Was it growing pains or was he just a trap? But I was too stubborn to turn my back on him. I continued to gear him even though he had no relevance in any other aspect in the game besides my desire to use him in arena. I had faith that I could make it work! After mods got released I thought this might be his saving grace. I tried every single variation of health and defense mod combination and nothing worked. Was I doing something wrong? I soon then had to accept the truth. He was nothing more than a trophy to look at and left him at gear level 9. After the tank raid came out and our guild had the raid on farm, I started to eye that last gear slot. Why not I said? It’s just a piece of raid gear…I’ll get more some time right? Maybe I can use him in phase 3 of the raid! So I pulled the trigger in the midst of our guild mass upgrading heroes on a credit heist day so no one would see ho ho ho. He remains where he is now as a ceremonial trophy and my guilty pleasure.


My guilty pleasure is General Grievous. I spent 5-6 months only farming characters I had 7* just to convert in the shard shop. I spent wayyyyy too much time and effort to get him to 7* and it took away time from farming better characters. But he fits great in my droid team I use in arena and he’s one of my favorite characters in Star Wars so he was worth it to me.


This was pretty much my roster for a long time. I had almost all Jedi’s at *7 (besides Anikin) before it was cool, and before they were worth a damn. I even had Leia at *7 for MONTHS in green gear because I didn’t like her. This was back when she was strictly p2p. I could have dominated, but all I cared about was my precious Jedi’s


She was my first sweet heart, my first to max level 3 times as the game opened up new levels, my first to the “new” gear levels. She had my heart when she was my first to break 4000 Power

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