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Welcome to this collection of our Ships content!

Check out some early fleet arena action against Phoenix ships! Courtesy of Talin from the Alliance:



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swgohindepth Guide to Targetlock is here! Featuring a great write-up on target lock inflicting and exploiting attacks and video examples of strategies employing them.

Here’s a great visual ship farming guide showing you where to find blueprints for each ship.  I do not have a source in this so if you made it please let me know so I can credit you:


Mageduckey from our friends at the Guardian Gaming Community is THE ship authority in the game right now.  Here’s his latest Ship Show:

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Ship Tips from Hockeyhog!

Photo From Hockeyhog

This team has worked great for me.
First this is target lock focused. Both Vader and Rex are your main target lock guys. Your goal is to get five target locks on the board and then bring in 5’s to destroy everything in one shot. You want to start the fight out by using poe’s torpedo to remove 50-75% of someone’s health or destroy a tie fighter if it has not protection. I target special ships like Vader, maul, Ashoka. Keep attacking that ship tell Vader or Rex take a turn then switch to a new target to apply target lock. Rex can only apply it if they have no buffs. Biggs will taunt now and you can use him to protect your Vader. Use Rex’s heal on Vader if he needs it. Use JC assist with Vader to get a target lock. In one turn you can have 3-4 target locks out. Maybe even five if very lucky. Fight tell Biggs dies and bring in 5’s. if you had a hard time getting the locks on then bring in maul in and buff Vader. If you are having a really hard time and just need to get rid of an over buffed guy bring in Ashoka. This usually happens vs mace teams. When you bring 5’s in hit his torpedoes and enjoy the show. Most of the time 2-3 guys will be destroyed with the others in the red or yellow. Now you have a major player advantage and is a matter of just cleaning up at this point. It is possible all five live but they will be very hurt and you can take out guys fast. The weakness of this team is losing Vader early. Sometimes the AI just single targets him and it is a lot harder to win. Another thing to watch for is when you bring maul in make sure the opponents Ashoka is dead and Vader has no target lock on him cause if Vader loses the counter buff and protection you can just count him dead in 2-3 turns. So that is how my team works for now. Usually can finish everyone off by the time Ackbar uses his special move.

High level ship arena match from Nukin:

Reddit post with possible upcoming ship releases thanks to a datamine.  Stuff like this is often at least partially correct.

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