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Comprehensive SWGOH Links


Crazy Excuses

Nukin from Republic


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Remon Azab

Smithie D

General Grayvus

Sir Loki


Denzo G

Warrior Presents

Reality Skewed Gamers


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The Official EA Forums

The Reddit Forum

Galaxy of Heroes Forum


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – SWGOH.GG – The essential SWGOH site – Link your account today for unparalleled access to the game as you grow your collection.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Player ID Help – SWGOH.GG – Linking to SWGOH.GG with an ally code can be difficult; this tool helps. – Helpful tool to optimize allocating mods to your characters. – New site!  Has a nice collection of tools for the game.

Updated Shard Farming Locations Sheet – We don’t know who, but someone out there is regularly updating this tremendous spreadsheet of shard locations and we are very impressed.  There are many sick sheets in existence, this is the only one still being updated we have been able to find however.

Roster Progress Indicator – Tool developed by Peter Butler that uses SWGOH.GG data to evaluate your raid preparation.  He’s a good dude.

Gear Farming Tool – Daye Obath’s Spreadsheet tool that translates the gear a character needs into the battles required for farming.

Character Gear Requirements Evaluator Sheet – Kevlar Golem’s sheet that shows the difficulty of gearing different characters.  Helpful tool that he explains here.

CrouchingRancor – Incredibly helpful site with multiple SWGOH tools.

Spreadsheet of General Kenobi’s Gear Requirements

Team Instinct Speed Guide – Excellent guide to using the crucial speed stat in SWGOH

Guild Ticket Tracker – A helpful guild management spreadsheet by Abody.


Radio Free Tatooine – Podcasts and site covering SWGOH and the wider Star Wars universe.  These guys are awesome!

Gaming-Fans – SWGOH news and theory crafting site

The Alliance Gaming Community – Great site from the Alliance with regularly updated new content.

German Language SWGOH Resources

Japanese Language SWGOH Resources

GoingNerdy – Site follows several games, the SWGOH content consists largely of news and game analysis.

The Empire – Great resources from The Empire community.

Official Game Sit

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