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TB Basics

Our advanced strategies page is currently in development and will be available soon.  If you are new to Territory Battles or need a refresh on the basics this is where to start.  This page is divided into the four following sections:

1- Understanding The Map

2- Battle Types

3- Farming Guide

1- Understanding The Map

Basic Organization:

In Territory Battles the Hoth battlefield is divided into fourteen territories.  These territories are grouped together into six vertical strips, with your guild attempting to move through each strip in a single 24 hour phase.  Each territory is outlined below, the highlighted vertical strip comprises phase two:


Relationship of territories to each other:

Your guild’s success in a territory’s Platoon Battles (we’ll describe the different types of battles in the next section) earns you benefits in a corresponding territories’ combat missions.  This graphic does a nice job of breaking down these kinds of relationships between territories:


Notice the color of the Circle in territory 2B above, this represents 2B’s platoon Battle and is green.  Did you notice the arrows coming out of the green circle?  Where are they pointing?  They’re pointing to territories 3B and 3C and you’ll notice that in these territories the background is green.  This is telling us that our guild’s level of success in 2B’s Platoon Battle is going to determine any bonuses we may receive in the Combat Missions for levels 3B and 3C.  If you’re brand new to this concept you may want to let it sink in by reviewing the rest of the chart.

Now take a look at Territory 3C.  It’s got a bright magenta circle.  The only other magenta on the map is a large outline over the entire lower middle of the chart:

This means 3C’s platoon battle, guarding the shield generator pictured below, has the potential to give you combat mission bonuses in six territories, including itself!

Refer back to the larger, unshaded version of the chart above and you’ll also notice 5B, 6B and 6C have the same colored circle and outline.  In these territories any combat mission bonuses earned in platoon battles applies to that same territory’s combat missions.  Maxing your reward tier in platoon battles prior to engaging in combat missions, therefore, is generally the rule of thumb in these territories.

2- Battle Types

Special Missions:

With the exception of 3C, special missions supply Guild Event Currency to the entire guild based on how may people complete the special mission.  More advanced guilds can generate 1500 plus currency per Territory battles via these special missions.

The special mission in 3C pays one Rebel Officer Leia Organa (ROLO) shards per member that completes that special mission.  These missions have strict roster requirements:

Graphic by @mashkinilya


Combat Missions:

Combat Missions play like longer versions of a level play.  Whereas level-play features three waves of progressively more powerful enemies, combat missions have six waves.  Many also have the most lax character requirements of any battles within all of TB, merely requiring light side characters of the specific rarity required for that phase.

In terms of acquiring TB points, which determine your guild’s acquisition of stars and thus your reward payout, winning combat missions is the most efficient use of a character in TB.


Platoon Battles:

Platoon Battles are hugely important because of their impact on your guild’s success rate in Combat Missions.  They provide combat bonuses that make it more likely a higher number of your guild members will be able to complete more Combat Missions (for example you may gain access to Rebel air strikes in a future territory’s Combat Mission or be spared Empire airstrikes in other future combat missions).

Each territory’s platoon battle requires 6 sets of 15 of the same character sourced from the 50 members of your guild:


Deployment is the catch-all use for your entire roster for each phase in TB.  Strategically, you only want to deploy those characters not needed for Combat Missions or Platoon Battles.  Why?  Because when deployed, the combined Galactic Power (GP) of your remiaining roster will translate one to one into Territory points earned for your guild.  That’s great, its just a less efficient use of your roster’s strength relative to the bonus points gained for completing Combat Missions and future combat advantages gained in Platoon Battles.  So once those battles are taken care of, be sure to deploy the rest of your roster.

Farming Guide



*** Where a source is determinable for a player-produced graphic I always ask the source for permission to post their creation here.  If your graphic is here and I didn’t ask you I found the graphic randomly on-line and will gladly credit you here in a caption under the picture if you’d like.  Email me at swgohindepth at



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