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Temple of the Sith


Hey guys, Mcmole2 here.  This write-up is going to take a look into characters with the Sith tag.  We’ll look at their abilities, how to mod them, and what kind of of synergies they have with each other and other factions.  Currently, there are a total of 9 characters with the Sith tag:  Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Savage Opress, Sith Trooper, Sith Assassin, and Darth Nihilus.

Count Dooku


Sith attacker with stun, bonus attacks, and guaranteed counter attacks.


Hindering Press


Deals physical damage to the target enemy with a 50% chance to attack again.  These attacks have a 25% chance to each stun or inflict Ability Block for 1 turn, with these chances doubled against Jedi.  Once omega’d these attacks can’t be countered.

Force Lightning- 3 turn cooldown


Deal special damage to the enemy target with a 50% chance to apply Shock and Stun to the target, with a 50% chance to stun a separate target.  These chances are doubled against Jedi.

Master Tactician- Leadership ability


All allies gain 15% evasion and gain Offense Up for 2 turns whenever they evade.

Flawless Riposte- Zeta ability


Count Dooku has a 100% chance to counter.  He deals 15% more damage and has a 25% chance to gain 45% turn meter when he attacks out of his turn.  The zeta upgrade adds 15% counter damage, recovers 10% protection and crit immunity for 1 turn whenever he counters.


You can find Dooku’s full gear here:

Thankfully he doesn’t need any Mk3 Carbantis, but he makes up with this by needing 7 Mk6 Hyposyringes.  Additionally, he needs 2 Mk3 Stun Cuffs.  In terms of gear from The Pit, he needs a Mk5 Fusion Furnace and a Mk7 Nubian Scanner.  For Tank Takedown, he will need a substantial amount more: a Mk6 Thermal Detonator, Mk 8 and 10 Electrobinoculars each, and a Mk3 Bacta Gel.  If you think that’s bad enough, he requires a large amount of gold gear: 3 Mk8 Biotech Implants, and 2 Mk9 Data Pads.


Dooku is one of the fastest characters in the game, so he would get a large boost from using speed mods.  Getting some mods on him to boost damage as well is nice, as it means he’s going to punish with his guaranteed counters.  Dooku is already high in native potency, running at a whopping 75%, so he won’t need much there to ensure his stun or ability block sticks.


Dooku is a fantastic character to have for an anti-Jedi squad, mostly thanks to the infamous Order 66 patch.  He can stun 2 Jedi right away, and can ability block and shut down any Jedi who try to attack him.  Dooku’s Leadership was also fantastic for making an Evasion team, as he can combine with someone who gains Foresight to deal a large amount of Damage, so use him with someone like Rey or Tie Fighter Pilot.

Darth Maul

Darth Maul.jpeg

Deadly attacker that gains power and extra turns as enemies are defeated.


Raging Storm


Deal physical damage to the target enemy.  On a finishing blow, gain 100% turn meter and Offense Up for 2 turns.  This attack deals double damage to Jedi.

Whirling Blades- 3 turn cooldown


Deal physical damage to all enemies and Daze them for 2 turns.  This deals double damage to Jedi.

Dancing Shadows- Leader ability- Zeta upgrade


All Sith allies gain 20% evasion and gain 20% turn meter when evading or critically hit. This ability has a zeta upgrade that has Sith allies gain Stealth for 1 turn when critically hit.  Additionally, they can’t be critically hit while stealthed, gain Advantage for 2 turns when exiting Stealth, and gain all “on Evade” bonuses at the start of a match. Sith that are taunting ignore the stealth and turn meter bonuses from this ability.

Power of Hatred


Maul gains 20% max health, gains max health equal to 10% of the damage he deals, and Potency equal to .3% of his max health.  Whenever an enemy is defeated, Maul gains the following bonuses: 1st enemy grants him 25% crit chance, 2nd enemy gives him 25% evasion, 3rd enemy gives him 25% max health recovery whenever he attacks.


You can find Maul’s full gear list here:

So yeah, lots of Mk3 Stun Cuffs and Mk6 Syringes, 5 of each,plus 2 of the Mk4 Carbantis.  In terms of The Pit raid gear, he will need 3 Mk5 Fusion Furnaces.  For Tank Takedown, Maul will need 2 Mk4 Holo Projectors, a Mk11 Weapon Mod, and a Mk6 Thermal Detonator.  For gold gear, Maul will need 3 Mk8 Biotech Implants.


Go all in on critical chance and damage for Maul.  You want him to hit hard, and his health bonuses for dealing damage will allow him to quickly become a juggernaut.  Getting some protection primaries on his mods are nice, but also think about getting Offense for the primary on his cross, as that would help with getting more damage and health for him.


Maul is another fantastic anti-Jedi character, with both of his attacks dealing double damage to Jedi.  He works well under a Palpatine lead, but his own leadership once zeta’d is one of the best in the game.  His constant stealth and evasion for Sith allies can make attacking his team a pain, with constant stealth, evasion, bonus turn meter on evading, and advantage when coming out of stealth.  Not to even mention his aoe daze which prevents counter attacks and assists.

Savage Opress

savage opress.jpeg

Durable attacker with an insta-kill on enemies with low health as well as getting stronger when being attacked.


Staggering Blow


Deals physical damage to the enemy target with a 50% chance to inflict Offense Down for 2 turns.  The chance is doubled if this attack lands a critical hit.

Overpower- 3 turn cooldown

Opress 1.png

Deals physical damage to the target enemy and gain Critical Chance Up and Critical Damage up for 3 turns on a finishing blow.  If the target has 50% health or below, this attack can’t be evaded and deals massive damage.

Pain is Weakness- Leader ability


Sith allies gain 75% defense and 30% tenacity.  Other allies gain half this amount.

Brute- Zeta upgrade


Whenever Savage Opress takes damage, he gains Offense Up and Defense Up for 1 turn and has a 50% chance to gain 30% turn meter.  The zeta upgrade adds a Heal Over Time when he’s damaged, buffs last for 1 more turn, additional 50% chance to gain turn meter, and dispells all debuffs from Savage when critically hit.


You can view Savage’s full gear list here:

Savage will need 4 Mk3 Carbantis, as well as 2 Mk6 Hypo Syringes and 1 Mk3 Stun Cuff.  In terms of The Pit raid gear, Savage will need only a Mk7 Nubian Scanner, making things a little easier to gear him.  From the Tank Takedown, Savage will need a Mk11 Weapon Mod, a Mk6 Thermal Detonator, and 2 Mk10 Weapon Mods.  For gold gear, Savage only needs 1 Mk8 Biotech Implant and a Mk9 Fabritech Data Pad.


Consider throwing crit damage mods on Savage, as you can combine that with the crit buffs from his Overpower ability.  He already has a substantial amount of health and protection, so you don’t need to worry too much about boosting his survivability.


Savage really has no place in the meta.  He doesn’t hit hard, and his Overpower ability is close to useless in arena thanks to the implementation of protection.  He takes a lot of damage, and gains boosted turn meter when attacked, but he doesn’t taunt, and deals negligible damage, so he can easily be ignored for last.  For the raid, Savage runs into the same issue.  He can Overpower a turret on the Tank, or a Droid, but that still doesn’t make him useful, as other characters are just much stronger.

Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious.png

Attacker that’s effective against healers and Jedi.




Deals physical damage to the enemy target and applies Healing Immunity for 3 turns.  This attack has a 50% chance to ignore the target’s armor, with double the chance if the target is already debuffed.

Demoralizing Blows- 4 turn cooldown


Deals physical damage to all enemies and inflits Damage over Time and Expose for 2 turns.  Inflicts 2 additional Damage over Time debuffs if this attack lands a critical hit

Unlimited Power- Leadership ability


All allies gain 15% critical hit chance and 30% critical hit damage.  Sith allies gain 2% Offense whenever they score a critical hit, with the Offense bonus lasting until the end of the encounter.

Sadistic Glee- zeta upgrade


Darth Sidious regains 20% of his max health and has a 50% chance to gain 50% turn meter whenever an ally or enemy is defeated.  He also gains 35% evasion against Jedi.  The zeta upgrade adds 100% chance to gain turn meter, 50% potency, and also gains max health equal to his potency percentage.


You can view Sidious’ full gear list here:

Ew, that’s a lot of Mk6 Hypo Syringes, 6 of them total, along with 1 Mk3 Stun Cuff and a Mk3 Carbanti.  But this guy is a gear hog when it comes to The Pit gear, as he needs 3 Mk5 Fusion Furnaces, 3 Mk7 Nubian Scanners, and 2 Mk6 Nubian Design Tech.  Thankfully, he doesn’t require much Tank Takedown gear, needing a Mk4 Holo Projector.  For gold gear, Sidious needs 2 Mk8 Biotech Implants and a Mk9 Data Pad.  Good luck with his gear grind.


If you don’t have his zeta ability unlocked, you should look at getting some potency mods on him, as he actually doesn’t get much outside of the Mk7 Nubian Scanners from The Pit.  Otherwise, look at getting some crit chance as well, as his special ability deals out more Damage over Time debuffs when landing a critical hit.  Once you have his zeta unlocked, you’re free to throw some crit damage mods on him.


Sidious used to be the meta leader back in the day, thanks to his leadership with the crit chance and crit damage.  Unfortunately, his viability quickly wore off as he was stuck at 0% potency, and all characters started to gain on the tenacity stat.  Thankfully, his zeta makes him a viable character again, not as a leader, but as someone behind a zeta Vader (or Zader) leadership, as Sidioius can apply up to 3 Damage over Time effects, and they can’t be cleansed, giving Vader more damage on his Culling Blade ability.

Emperor Palpatine


Powerful Sith with an aoe stun and can inflict Shock.


Lightning Strike


Deals Special damage to the target and shocks them for 3 turns.  Palpatine then gains 15% turn meter for each shocked enemy.

Power of the Dark Side- 4 turn cooldown


Deals special damage to all enemies with a 70% chance to stun them for 1 turn. Shocked enemies are stunned for 2 turns, and have Shock dispelled.

Let the Hate Flow- 3 turn cooldown


All allies gain Offense Up for 2 turns and all units lose 5% of their max health. Palpatine recovers health equal to 150% of the health lost.  For each shocked enemy, Palpatine gains 50% turn meter and Shock is refreshed to 2 turns.

Emperor of the Galactic Empire- Leadership ability


Empire and Sith allies gain 32% potency and max health.  Jedi and Rebel enemies lose 32% potency and evasion. When an Empire ally inflicts any debuffs, they gain 20% turn meter, and when any Sith inflicts a debuff, they heal for 20% of their max health.

Crackling Doom


At the end of each of his turns, Palpatine deals special damage to shocked enemies and then deals special damage to all Rebel and Jedi enemies.  This damage can not defeat enemies.


You can view Palpatine’s full gear list here:

Good news is, he’s mostly focused on Tactics-based gear.  Bad news is, he needs a boat load of those Mk5 Power Cells that you can get from challenges.  He will need a massive 270 of the Power Cells, along with 165 of the Mk3 Thermal Detonators, which you’ll have to grind from nodes.  In terms of Raid gear, Palpatine needs a Mk5 Droid Caller and a Mk7 Nubian Scanner from The Pit.  For the Tank Takedown, Palpatine will require 3 Mk6 Fusion Furnaces and a Mk10 Holo Lens.


Palpatine already comes with a decent amount of potency, so you don’t really need to throw more on him, especially with him as leader of your team.  You can considering throwing crit chance with either crit damage or offense mods on him, as a way to boost his damage.


Palpatine’s introduction completely changed the meta, as it allowed Empire teams to become vastly more powerful, and became a counter to the plauge of Wiggs teams in the arena.  Under a Palpatine lead, you can use Vader’s Force Crush, which will boost Vader to 100% turn meter from all of the debuffs, and then he can follow up with a Culling Blade, which if it defeats an enemy, Vader can then attack again right away.  Palpatine’s shock prevents the enemy from being buffed, as well as prevents any bonus turn meter gains; apply it to Biggs, and he won’t be gaining turn meter anytime he’s hit by an Empire ally or critically hit.

Palpatine is the mainstay of your basic P3 team for Tank Takedown.  The basic gist is you have a Chief Chipra lead, which gives you 10% turn meter on a basic attack, and then have Palpatine shock all the Droid minions, total of 6 of them for another 90% turn meter.  This allows you to spam Palpatine’s basic attack on the boss without having any of the Droids gain turn meter.  If done correctly, and you mod your Palpatine right, you can pull well over 1 million damage with this team.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader.jpeg

Empire attacker who can apply multiple Damage Over Time effects at once and then follow up with strong attacks.


Terrifying Swing


Deals physical damage to the target enemy with an 80% chance to inflict Ability Block for 1 turn.  Jedi can not evade the attack or resist the Ability Block.

Force Crush- 5 turn cooldown


Deal physical damage to all enemies and inflict 3 Damage over Time effects and Speed Down for 2 turns.

Culling Blade


Deals physical damage to the enemy target and dispell all debuffs on the target.  Deals 50% bonus damage per debuff dispelled in this way, and applies 100% turn meter on a finishing blow. This attack can’t be evaded.

Inspiring Through Fear- Leader ability- zeta upgrade


Empire and Sith allies gain 30% offense and have a 25% chance to reduce turn meter by 10% on each attack.  The zeta upgrade adds another 25% chance to remove turn meter by 10%.  Additionally, Damage over Time effects are refreshed on enemies whenever they expire.  This lasts until Vader is defeated.


You can view Vader’s full gear list here:

Vader is a strength-based character, so expect plenty of Mk3 Carbantis combined with Mk5 Thermal Detonators and Mk5 Stun Guns.  Vader also needs 2 Mk4 Comlinks, which require Mk3 Stun Cuffs as well.  For gear from The Pit, Vader only needs 1 Mk5 Droid Caller, while he needs only 1 Mk11 Weapon Mod from Tank Takedown.  He makes up for this by requiring 4 Mk8 Biotech Implants.  Vader will also require 3 Mk7 Shield Generators, so better save up on that purple gear from challenges (that was a joke).


Darth Vader is already running a large amount of health and protection, so focus on boosting his damage for Culling Blade, either by going to offense mods, or crit damage, if you can boost his crit chance enough.  Also try to get some speed on his mods as well, as he runs at a slow 121 speed.


Vader has become a fantastic leader thanks to his zeta ability.  He’s one of your best leaders for arena, with his turn meter reduction that can’t be resisted.  Use this in combination with strong aoe attacks from Empire and Sith characters such as Tie Fighter Pilot, Palpatine, and Darth Maul.

As good as Zader is in arena, he shines even more in the raids.  Zader has the potential to solo a heroic Pit raid, as well as deal well over 1 million damage in Phase 3 of Tank Takedown.  His turn meter reduction is vital in keeping the bosses from taking turns, and allows you to keep attacking without too much fear of retribution.

Darth Vader is also a fantastic option for an anti-Jedi squad.  His basic can’t be evaded or resisted by Jedi, and his zeta is a hard counter to a Qui Gon Jin zeta lead. This has gotten a little harder with the recent fixes, as the tmr can not go through foresight, so the intial aoe out the gate against zQGJ has lost its strength.

Sith Assassin


Sith attacker with stealth synergies and the ability to ignore the target’s protection.


Exploit Weakness


Deals physical damage to the target, inflicts Evasion Down and gains Offense Up for 2 turns.  If the target was already debuffed, then gain Stealth for 2 turns. If the Assassin already has Stealth, this attack ignores the target’s protection.

Dark Shroud- 3 turn cooldown


Dispells all debuffs from Sith Assassin and gain Stealth and Foresight for 2 turns. If she already had Stealth, she gains Speed Up and Tenacity Up for 2 turns.  Sith allies gain 12% turn meter for every buff on her.

Electrocute- 3 turn cooldown


Deals physical damage to the target and Stun it for 1 turn. If Sith Assassin already had stealth, Dispel all buffs from Assassin, deal 5% more damage for each buff Dispelled and each living Sith ally, and ignore the target’s protection.


You can find Assassin’s full gear list here:

Lots of purple gear, don’t expect this to be an easy gear farm.  5 Mk6 Syringes, one of which is needed for a Mk5 Furnace.  4 Mk3 Carbantis, 2 of which are needed for Mk5 Stun Guns. But wait, there’s more!  3 Mk3 Stun Cuffs, 4 Mk4 Laptops, and even 2 Mk10 Binoculars.  For gold gear, she’s even worse with 3 Mk9 Data Pads, and 2 Mk8 Biotech Implants.  She’s going to be an incredibly hard grind, but the payoff is worth it.


With the introduction of Darth Nihilus and his lead, mods have changed if using him, which I will go in to depth more in his section.  For now, Assassin already has very good speed at 151, so some supplementary speed mods will help her out, but getting some better crit chance and damage mods will be huge as she can bypass the target’s protection.  Finding some mods with offense and speed secondaries will be great, as it will make her move fast and hit hard.


Using Sith Assassin is fantastic with a full Sith team. You can use her and Savage in a combo where Assassin takes the target to below 50% health, and Savage follows up with an instant kill. Her Dark Shroud special is a great way to boost your Sith allies’ turn meter to help them move before the other team.  Having her in a full Sith team helps, as that means her Electrocute deals an additional 25% damage.

Outside of a Sith team, her synergy quickly falls off.  She can still do decent damage and can bypass the target’s protection, but there’s no bonus turn meter, and she won’t work as well outside of a Sith leadership.

Sith Trooper


Sith tank who’s attacks can ignore protection and can constantly taunt.


Disruptor Blast


Deals physical damage to the target with a 70% chance to inflict Defense Down for 3 turns.  If the target is already debuffed, this attack ignores the target’s protection.

Crimson Barrage- 3 turn cooldown


Deals physical damage to all targets with a 70% chance to inflict Defense Down for 2 turns, and gain 5% protection back for each debuffed enemy for 2 turns. This attack ignores protection.

Vaiken’s Legacy


Sith Trooper has 100% Defense. Whenever a Sith ally falls below 50% health or uses a special ability, Sith Trooper gains Defense Up for 2 turns.  If he already has Defense Up, he Taunts for 2 turns.  If Trooper has Taunt, then he gains Retribution for 2 turns.  Sith Trooper gains Defense up for 2 turns at the start of each encounter.


You can find Trooper’s full gear list here:

Thankfully, he only needs 4 Mk3 Carbantis, 2 of which are included with Mk5 Stun Guns, but also needs 5 sets of Mk3 Stun Guns, 2 of which are needed with Mk4 Comlinks.  There’s going to be a lot of gear grinding to get this guy up, as he needs a ton of purple pieces, 1198 to be exact, and that’s not including the additional 250 salvage for raid gear that he needs.  Expect a long and very hard grind for this character.  For gold pieces, he will need 3 Mk8 Implants and a Mk9 Data Pad.


Sith Trooper has a large amount of defense thanks to his unique, so you can go for a lot of protection primaries on his mods and use health or defense sets on him.  If you want to go more offensive based with him, then definitely look at an offense set on him.


Sith Trooper is the only Sith in the game that can Taunt, so if you’re running a full Sith team, you want him in there.  His unique means that with Sith always using their abilities, Trooper is going to be constantly taunting and will take less damage thanks to his massive boost to Defense.

Darth Nihilus


Sith Support that can instantly defeat enemies by increasing cooldowns.


Ceaseless Craving


Deals physical damage to the target enemy and Dispells all buffs on it.  If any buffs were removed this way, reduces the cooldown of Drain Force by 1 turn.

Drain Force- 3 turn cooldown


Deals special damage to all enemies with a 50% chance (doubled against debuffed enemies) to increase their cooldowns by 1.  For each cooldown increased, reduce the cooldown of Annihilate by 1 turn.

Annihilate- 8 turn cooldown


Instantly defeat the target enemy, and Nihilus gains health equal to the target’s max health.  The target cannot be revived, and this ability cannot be evaded.  Annihilate starts on cooldown.

Lord of Hunger- Leader ability- Zeta upgrade


Sith allies gain 60% Offense and 100% health steal.  Sith allies lose all protection and gain that much health.  Sith allies are immune to healing effects outside of health steal and can’t score critical hits.  The zeta upgrade adds another 50% health steal.

Wound in the Force- Zeta upgrade


At the start of each of his turns, Nihilus inflicts Damage Over Time on a random enemy that’s not debuffed for 2 turns. If all enemies are debuffed, inflicts Damage Over Time on a random enemy.  The zeta upgrade makes it so at the start of each enemy’s turn, Nihilus inflicts Healh Down on that enemy for 2 turns.


You can find Nihilus’ full gear list here:

In terms of purple gear, he’s not too bad, only needing 3 Mk3 Carbantis, two of which are needed for 2 Mk5 Stun Guns.  He will need a lot of Mk5 Power Cells that you can find from challenges, but 230 is still a lot to require. Thankfully, no Stun Cuffs are needed, but he will require 2 Mk5 Droid Callers and and a Mk7 Nubian Scanner.  For gold pieces, he needs 2 Mk8 Implants and a Mk5 Medpac.


So in terms of mods, Nihilus is a slow character, so getting his speed boosted up would be great, as well as getting some protection on him to keep him alive.  The trick is having a fast Nihilus means he can quickly move to Annihilate as many targets as possible.  Don’t worry about trying to get damage boosts on him since your main focus is going to be on getting him moving fast to get his one hit kills out.


Interestingly, Nihilus does not seem like he needs a full Sith team to work, unless you’re using him as lead.  If you have a fast Tie Fighter Pilot, who starts with his aoe, that should apply debuffs on everyone, allowing Nihilus to Drain Force and start up a quick and vicious cycle of Annihilate, basic to Dispel, Drain Force, and constant rinse and repeat. Ideally, his leadership could make for a good defensive squad with full Sith, but it’s too early to tell.  This will be updated once people have found out just how good it will work.

Nihilus Leadership Mods

With a Nihilus lead, it’s best that you use Offense mods instead of crit chance and damage, as his leadership prevents your Sith from critting.  Additionally, more offense on your Sith means they are dealing much more damage and getting that much more health steal, which is the only way you can keep your characters alive.  This leadership is going to be interesting to see in action.


Thanks to the Rock Hard Content Team for helping me out with getting this write-up done, as well as the entire Team Skunk community.  And a big special thank you to you, the reader, for reading this thing all the way through!  I hope this guide was able to help you at least a little with the Sith.


2/19/17- Added the 3 new Sith as well as updated the new changes for current Sith.

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