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Hey guys, Mcmole2 here.

This page will be constantly updated as the Droids are reworked as well as new one are added into the game.

As of right now, there are a total of 7 Droids in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.  They are: B2 Super Battle Droid, General Grievous, IG-86 Sentinel Droid, IG-88, IG-100 Magnaguard, HK-47, and K-2SO.  These droids have varying degrees of success against others, and some are almost useless in the current game, as we will cover momentarily.  This guide is meant to help you choose what Droids are best for you, and what you should expect as you level them up.

B2 Super Battle Droid


Brutal Droid tank that punishes enemies for attacking or dodging attacks.


Heavy Arms


Deals physical damage to the target and inflicts Evasion Down for 2 turns

Mow Down- 3 turn cooldown


Deal physical damage to all targets and dispels all positive effects on them, with a 65% chance to inflict Buff Immunity on each target.  Buff Immunity is applied to the target before the damage.

Relenteless Barrage


B2 has a 40% chance to gain 100% turn meter whenever an ally is evaded or damaged by an attack.


You can view B2’s gear list here:

You’ll notice that B2 needs several expensive purple pieces, including 2 Mk5 Stun Guns, as well as a Mk5 Thermal Detonator, all of which require are Mk3 Carbanti.  B2 also requires 4 rancor raid pieces: 2 Mk5 Droid Callers, and 2 Mk7 Nubian Security Scanners.  Additionally, he requires 3 gold pieces: 2 of the Mk8 Biotech Implants, and a Mk9 Data Pad. He’s a rough grind overall, and will gobble up a lot of your valuable purple pieces.



Don’t bother, B2 is useless in raid.  Doesn’t do enough damage or really brings anything to the table to make him vital for raid.  If you do wish to use him in there, mod him with an offense set, and a potency.  His debuffs don’t really do much for the fight, and his damage is so poor, even Barriss looks at it with scorn.


Now this is where you want B2.  Since you’ll be running him usually under a HK-47 lead, you’ll want him to have a crit chance and crit damage set each.  Also, you will want him to be the fastest of your droids in a Droid squad, but that will be covered much later in a separate section.  Getting speed as well as potency secondaries on his mods is good to have as well.


He obviously does well in a droid team, but his Mow Down makes him invaluable in many a arena team.  The Buff Immunity combined with his dispell means that enemies are left in a weak state, especially since arena matches revolve around buffs.  He’s also a good way to get rid of the starting taunt on a Baze or Shoretrooper, and is a good counter to General Kenobi, preventing him from taunting on a critical hit on allies.  Definitely consider using this guy in your arena team if you need a way to get rid of that annoying taunt or if you face a team with a Tenacity Up buff.


IG 88.jpg

Droid attacker with debuffs and a damage bonus against debuffed enemies


Mortal Wound


Deal physical damage to the target enemy with a 60% chance to inflict Healing Immunity for 2 turns.

Rapid Fire- 4 turn cooldown


Deal physical damage to all enemies with a 55% chance to inflict Ability Block for 1 turn, and a 50% chance to inflict Defense Down for 2 turns.

Resourceful Pursuer- Leader ability


All allies gain 20% critical chance and inflict a Damage over Time debuff when they score a critical hit.

Adaptive Aim Algorithm


IG-88 has +45% critical hit damage, and deals 20% more damage per enemy with a debuff.


You can view IG-88’s gear list here:

The first thing you’ll notice is he needs a lot of Mk6 Syringes, 5 in total; 2 of those Syringes are required for Mk5 Fusion Furnaces. Thankfully, that is the worst of his gear needs, as he does need a Mk6 Nubian Scanner as well from The Pit, but only needs 1 Mk3 Stun Cuff.  You may rejoice as he does not need any of those awful Mk3 Carbantis. He will need 4 gold pieces: 3 Mk8 Biotech Implants and a Mk9 Fabritech Data Pad.


For arena and raid, he will use the same basic mod sets: critical hit damage and chance sets.  Try to find some of those with decent speed and potency secondaries, as you want his debuffs to stick to allow him to push more damage.  For arena, you want him to have the least amount of speed, going after the rest of the droids, but again, that will be covered in full detail later.


IG-88 is of course best in a full Droid squad, but he can be used in many other squads, thanks to his aoe ability block, along with his bonus damage from debuffs.  Before Vader zeta, some teams ran an IG-88 lead for topples in The Pit, and followed with a Vader Culling Blade at the end for some massive damage.  Unfortunately, thanks to Boba Fett’s rework, he has become a much more appealing choice for arena with his faster speed, revive, and massive hits via Execute.  He is still a good choice though, thanks to his healing immunity debuff.

IG-86 Sentinel Droid


Droid attacker with a powerful Droid assist and devastating critical hits.


Precision Strike


Deals physical damage to the target with an additional 50% chance to critically hit

Assassin Droid Tactics- 2 turn cooldown


Deal physical damage to the target and call an ally to assist.  If both are Droids, then their attacks each deal 75% additional critical hit damage.

Droid Squad Tactics


IG-86 gains 4.5% additional critical chance for each living Droid ally.  He also gains 20% additional critical hit damage.


You can view IG-86’s gear here:

Hopefully you’ve saved up a lot of Mk6 Syringes and Mk3 Stun Cuffs, because this guy needs a lot, 200 of each in fact. In terms of gear from The Pit, he needs 2 Mk5 Fusion Furnaces, a Mk7 Nubian Scanner, and a Mk6 Nubian Design Tech.  Thankfully, IG-86 only needs 1 Mk3 Carbanti, but he will need 4 gold pieces: 2 Mk8 Implants, and 2 Mk9 Data Pads.


You want the same layout for him in both arena and raids: critical hit damage and chance sets.  86 hits hard on both his basic and with his assist, especially when Droids are assisting.  His basic will almost always crit, thanks to its 50% bonus crit chance, and you can actually cap 86 much like Clone Sergeant Phase 1 by combining his unique and an HK-47 lead with the bonus 30% crit chance.  Add 4.5% per Droid ally to HK-47’s lead, and then add that to 86’s crit chance, and you can easily mod him to 100% crit chance.


Much like Clone Sergeant Phase 1, IG-86 quickly drops off in usefulness outside of a Droid squad.  His abilities rely on having other Droids in the team, as he gets bonus damage from his assist if it’s a Droid attacking, and he gains additional crit chance per living Droid ally.  You could use him in a Phasma assist team, where he can get 2 assists during his special move, and it’s on a 2 turn cooldown, so you can use the move quite often.



Offensive support with the ability to provide a multitude of debuffs at once and the ability to revive once.


Superior Firepower


Deals physical damage to the target with a 55% chance to gain Offense up for 3 turns.

Meatbag Mayhem


Deals physical damage to all enemy targets with a 25% chance each to apply Ability Block, Speed Down, Defense Down, Offense Down, and Damage over Time to each target.  These chances are doubled against Jedi.

Assassin Protocol- Leader ability


All Droid allies gain 30% critical chance and gain 50% turn meter on a critical hit.



HK-47 has a 75% chance to revive with 30% health the first time he is defeated.


You can view HK-47’s full gear here:

As you can see, he’s a strength-based character, so you know he’s going to use a lot of Mk3 Carbantis.  Thankfully, he only needs 2 Pit raid pieces: a Mk7 Nubian Scanner, and a Mk5 Fusion Furnace.  He will need a Mk5 Stun Gun and a Mk5 Thermal Detonatory.  In terms of gold gear, he will need 2 Mk8 Biotech Implant and a Mk6 Athakam Medpac.  Not too painful of a grind, but those Mk3 Carbantis are brutal.


You want him following the same pattern as the others so far: critical hit damage and chance sets.  HK hits decently hard, and getting boosted turn meter from critical hits just helps him hit hard and fast.  In terms of the speed order (we’ll get there soon, I promise), you want him to move before IG-86, to get his debuffs out for bonus damage with 88.  Getting speed and potency secondaries on his mods is vital, since he already has a small chance to apply the debuffs, so making sure they stick is vital.


HK works great best in a Droid squad, thanks to his leadership ability.  He’s the leader for your basic Droid squad in arena, with JE giving all the droids critical chance buffs, and then watching them all get boosted turn meters through all of the critical hits they’re dealing.  Outside of a Droid squad, his leadership is useless, but he does still find some usefulness as an anti-Jedi character, thanks to his Meatbag Mayhem, where it has double the chance to place debuffs on characters of that faction.  So if you ever want to run a Order 66 squad, you can definitely try to find a spot for HK-47 on there.

Droid Arena Speed

I’ve been promising to bring this up, and now that we’ve covered the Droids you’ll use in your usual arena team, we can now cover how to mod their speed in accordance with Jawa Engineer.  With Jawa Engineer’s special ability that gives 45% turn meter to each Droid and Jawa ally, you can manipulate the speed of the Droids in such a way you can control which one moves when.  Credit to Krazy Yvan for helping me figure this out.  It seems quite complicated at first, but it will make sense, I promise.

So the equation is: (JE speed + 50 speed from unique) x (0.55) = minimum speed needed to gain 100% tm.  For your droids, the preferred speed order you want is: B2, 47, 88, 86.  B2 you want to go first to get rid of any starting taunt and buffs in place.  47 should go next to use his Meatbag Mayhem to get debuffs on as many enemies as possible, then follow up with 88, who should be running double damage thanks to his unique.  Finish up with 86 and his assist, and you may have wiped out at least 1 enemy, and you probably have another droid or two ready to take another turn.

Now, to ensure you have the correct speed order here, figure out your JE’s speed.  For example, if your JE has 313 speed after the unique bonus, then using the equation turns out a minimum speed of 172.5.  You can get B2 over the speed requirement, but if you put any droids over that amount as well, then you can risk them going out of order.  So here’s a suggested speed order: B2- 173, HK-47- 172, IG-88- 171, IG-86- 170.  This ensures that your droids will go in the necessary order to maximize their damage.  I know this seems a little crazy and overwhelming, but I hope you understand their speed order at least a little.

General Grievous


Attacker with advantages against defensive characters, with a forced ally taunt.


Furious Assault


Deal physical damage to the target.  This attack can’t be evaded or countered.

Grievous Wounds- 4 turn cooldown


Deal physical damage to all targets with a 65% chance to apply Healing Immunity for 1 turn.

Sinister Laugh


Inflict Health Down on all enemies for 2 turns, with a 55% chance to remove 30% turn meter.  This chance is doubled against Jedi.

Daunting Presence- Leader ability


All enemies have -20% critical chance and critical damage

Tactical Retreat


Grievous has +10% max health for each living Droid ally. Whenever Grievous falls below 50% health, he will dispell all debuffs on himself and force a random ally to taunt for 1 turn unless there is already an ally taunting.  If he forces an ally to taunt, that ally gains 100% turn meter.


You can view Grievous’ gear here:

So yes, he’s a tough gear grind.  Lots of Mk6 Syringes and Mk3 Carbantis, as well as some Mk3 Stun Cuffs as well.  He needs 2 Mk5 Fusion Furnaces, and a Mk7 Nubian Scanner from the Pit, so not too bad in terms of raid gear.  Thankfully, he only needs 2 gold pieces, a Mk8 Biotech Implant, and a Mk9 Fabritech Data Pad.


Grievous is an attacker, so you will want him to focus on damage.  As a result, get some critical damage and chance mods on him.  Once he’s leveled and geared, he will hit decently hard with his basic, and it can’t be dodged or countered, so you can safely attack with him without fear of repercussions.  His unique taunt will allow you to bypass the need for packing health on him, but getting some protection primaries on his mods would be nice.  Also try to get speed, since Grievous is one of the slowest characters in the game.


Grievous finds usefulness in an anti-evasion team, but those teams are not as meta anymore, so he’s not as useful for that.  He does well inside a Droid team, as he gains bonus health per living Droid ally.  Grievous doesn’t have much starting health to begin with, so having bonus health from the Droid allies will help keep him alive a little bit longer.  Outside of Droids, he will not be as useful, as his low health makes him an easy target.  Granted, his forced taunt on an ally can delay his death, but taunts are so easy to dispell now, it doesn’t do much.



Rebel Droid tank that taunts and counter attacks.


Carboplast Composite Fist


Deals physical damage to the enemy target with a 70% chance to apply Offense Down

Conductive Charge- 2 turn cooldown


Deals physical damage to the enemy target and daze it for 2 turns.  If Cassian Andor is present, he is called to assist.



Whenever K-2SO attacks, he has a 75% chance (100% chance when buffed) chance to taunt for 1 turn.  This taunt is dispelled whenever K-2SO takes damage.

Reprogrammed Imperial Enforcer Droid- Zeta ability


K-2SO has a 97.6% chance to counter.  This chance is halved whenever K-2SO has any debuffs on him.  Whenever K-2SO takes damage, he gains 1% max protection.


You can view K-2’s full gear list here:

Of course, him being a tank with strength as his main stat, he’ll need a lot of Mk3 Carbantis, 250 salvage in total. 2 of those Carbantis come with Mk5 Stun Guns, and another will pair with a Mk5 Thermal Detonator.  In terms of Pit gear, he will only need 2 Mk5 Droid Callers.  Thankfully, K-2 only needs 1 gold gear piece, a Mk8 Biotech Implant.  K-2 will also need 3 Stun Cuffs and a Mk6 Hypo-Syringe.


As K-2 will be used as a tank, you’ll want to make sure his mods have as many protection primaries as possible.  Something to consider is putting Tenacity mods on him, as he has a lower chance to counter, and taunt, when debuffed.  Getting him up to 50-60% tenacity would allow him to resist a decent amount and counter as well as taunt.  If tenacity isn’t your groove, then go for your basic health mods.


K-2 can do ok with a Droid squad, but putting him in means getting rid of a Droid that’s just much better for arena.  K-2’s real synergy lies with Rebel characters, especially the Rogue One team.  Your basic Rogue One team is a Jyn lead, with Cassian, K-2, Chirrut, and Baze.  Jyn’s leadership means that K-2’s Offense Down and Daze abilities can bring a lot of exposes to the table, and when assisting Cassian, can potentially expose the target twice.  People have tried using K-2 in a Droid squad for hAAT, and it definitely doesn’t do as well since you’d have to take out Nebit, who can call Droids to assist and reduce ally’s cooldowns.  Just take a look at this.

Thanks to AhnaldT101 for the video.

Yeah, not very good.

IG-100 Mangaguard


No wait, that’s not right.


Magnaguard is a Droid tank that gains buffs whenever he is ignored.


Electrostaff Assault


Deals physical damage to the target with a 60% chance to inflict Offense Down for 2 turns.

Disruption- 3 turn cooldown


Deals physical damage to all enemy targets with a 50% chance to remove 30% turn meter.  Magnaguard gains 5% turn meter for each enemy Jedi and 35% for each enemy that evades this attack.

Relentless Assault


Magnaguard has a 55% chance to counter. Magnaguard gains Speed Up at the start of its turn if it hasn’t been damaged since the end of its last turn.  If Magnaguard already has Speed Up, it gains Offense Up.


Since you’d be using Magnaguard in a Droid squad, crit chance and damage are the best mods to use for him in that spot.  There’s no need to use health or defense on him, since he’s a tank that doesn’t have any kind of taunt.  His Speed Up and Offense Up taunts help make him deal more damage when combined with his crit damage mods.


Back before Jawa Engineer was a thing in this game, Magnaguard had some usefulness in a Droid Squad that was paired with Poggle the Lesser.  Nowadays, Magnaguard is close to useless.  He doesn’t deal much damage, so his Offense Up buff doesn’t allow for much in the way of making him a powerhouse.  He’s a tank with no taunt, so he can easily be disregarded for last when fighting.  He could find some use on an anti-Jedi squad with his turn meter removal ability.  Really though, this character is now pretty much one of those most useless in the game.


Feel free to check out the rest of the site, and to read up on the hAAT prep guide, there’s some really insightful stuff there.  Thanks to the Content Team here at the website for everything they’re doing, and letting me write this stuff.  And a big thank you to you, the reader, for sticking through this guide.  I appreciate you all taking the time to read this whole thing, and I hope this guide has helped you at least a little.  Keep an eye out for future write-ups!

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