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Clone Facility


Hey guys, Mcmole2 here.

This page will be constantly updated, please bear with me as I upload things here as well as changing information for new characters and/or ability changes.

As of right now, there are a total of 5 Clone Troopers in the game:  Commander Cody, Rex, Fives, Echo, and Clone Sergeant Phase 1.  Each Clone brings his own interesting abilities and synergy to the table, and have varying degrees of success outside of a full Clone team.  This guide is meant to discuss that, and to hopefully paint a better picture of how you should handle your Clones.  Many thanks to Dr. Nocard for the fabulous banner at the top of the page, as well as the rest of the content team for allowing me to do this!

If you want some video to go along with what you’re reading, you can find a lot of Clone footage on my YouTube channelhere:

We’ll start off with the generic Clone Sergeant Phase 1, or Sarge, or even CSP1, and then move on to Echo, Fives, Rex, and then finally wrap up with Commander Cody.

Clone Sergeant Phase 1


Sarge is a Clone attacker, who gets stronger as more Clones are added to his group.  He has a strong aoe ability and gains turn meter from critical hits on his basic attack.


Z-6 Rotary Blaster


Deals physical damage to the enemy, and grants 50% turn meter on a critical hit

Suppressive Fire – 3 turn cooldown)


Deal physical damage to all enemies and remove 50% of their turn meter.

Concentrated Fire


Sarge gains 4.5% critical chance per living Clone ally.  Also gains Offense up for 2 turns whenever he critically hits


Mod Sarge for critical hit chance and damage.  You only need to reach 52% crit chance on Sarge to get crit capped, which will be covered later on.  Having speed on his mods is nice, but not necessary due to his basic ability’s bonus, as it will give him a bonus 50% speed to his stat.  Get as much offense as possible on his mods, including the primary on his cross mod, to ensure that he hits as hard as possible, as well as critical damage on his triangle mod.  Add in some potency as well to help with his turn meter removal.


In terms of gear, you can find the whole list here:

To break down his gear requirements, the hardest pieces to grind out for him are the 3 Mk5 Fusion Furnaces he will require, as well as a Stun Cuff and Mk6 Syringe from Agi challenges.  What’s really interesting to note is that between gear 7 and 9, there are a lot of green and blue pieces needed, and not a lot of purple pieces.  That catches up at gear 10, where he needs multiple gold pieces to gear up to the next level, but it’s Strength pieces which will give him a much needed boost to his health and armor.


You’ll want to run Sarge in a full Clone team to maximize his potential.  What’s unique for Sarge is that he can easily hit 100% critical chance between his Concentrated Fire unique (+18% for 4 Clone allies) and Cody zeta lead (+30% chance).  It is important to note here that his unique does not count himself, as I have tested him out at below 52%, and he can start landing non-critical hits.  I am not sure if at this time that is a bug or intentional. Get his critical chance up to 52% with some critical chance modding, and you’ll see him hit like an absolute truck, thanks to his Offense up bonus.  Add in the hard hits with his bonus turn meter gain and you’ll see him hit fast as well.  His aoe turn meter removal is guaranteed granted it doesn’t get resisted, which is massive, as it’s something you don’t see often.  Running Sarge outside of a clone team still does nicely, as he will still have a high amount of crit chance, so you can use him in any team as a hard hitter with turn meter removal abilities.  Granted he’s not the strongest in the areas, but he’s a worthwhile character in any team.

CT-5555 “Fives”

Fives outline.jpg

Fives is a Clone tank, with a deadly counter, the ability to call in fellow allies to attack, as well as a slow on his primary attack, which can potentially attack twice.


Dual DC-17 Blasters


Deal physical damage to the enemy and apply Speed Down for 2 turns.  Attack again if the target already has Speed Down.

Combined Fire – 3 turn cooldown


Fives deals physical damage to the target and calls an ally to assist.  If the assisting ally is a Clone, both characters deal 75% more damage.

Veteran Clone Trooper – Leadership ability


All Clone allies gain 65 defense, and other allies gain half that amount.

Tactical Awareness


Fives has 85% counter chance, and 50% counter damage.  He has an upgradable zeta for this ability, where he gains 15% turn meter when a Clone ally takes damage, and 7.5% when a non-Clone ally takes damage.


For raids, Fives works best with a Potency primary on the cross mod.  Go with 1 set of potency and a set of critical damage for his mods.  This will allow Fives to have some decent potency as well as start dishing out some good damage.  If you can get some good offense secondaries as well as offense primary for his arrow mod, then Fives is going to be dishing out some respectable damage.

For arena, find some mods that have protection primaries, as those will mean he gets that much more protection back from his double taps.  If done correctly, Fives can quickly become a one man army, allowing him to take on 4 opponents on his own.


Here’s the gear page for Fives:

In terms of gear, Fives is a strength-based characters, so he is going to need a lot of Mk3 Carbantis; you should go ahead and start grinding them out.  He will need a whopping 7 of them, 2 of which are included with mk5 stun guns, and another included with a mk5 thermal detonator. He only needs 2 raid pieces, both from the Rancor raid: a Nubian Security Scanner, and a Droid Caller.


Fives works best with a full clone team of course, thanks to his Combined Fire and zeta’d Tactical Awareness.  The damage dealt to Clones also includes dots, so fighting a Vader zeta or the tank from the heroic raid is a great way to boost his turn meter, as each dot applies 15% turn meter to Fives.

Something to consider is throwing Fives behind a Rex lead, so you can combine the 15% turn meter boost from Rex’s lead as well as the 15% from Fives’ zeta can lead to massive turn meter gains. You can also throw Fives behind a Cody zeta lead, and then watch as Fives counters everything and gains back protection as fast as he’s losing it thanks to the 5% protection regen per attack, combining with the double tap to lead to a massive 10% protection regen per counter.

Fives will works almost as well outside of a Clone team, just because he doesn’t rely on Clones to counter or gain turn meter from attacks; he just gains half of the turn meter bonus, as well as no bonus on his Combined Fire move.  Don’t let this make you reconsider using him in a team, as he still has a lot of health and protection and can take a beating while giving it right back, something that is rare in this game.

CT-21-0408 “Echo”


Echo is a Support-class Clone trooper who’s main appeal is assisting on attacks, with turn meter boosts and an incredibly strong aoe dispell


Supporting Fire


Deals physical damage to the enemy and grants 20% turn meter to a random ally under 50% turn meter

EMP Grenade – 5 turn cooldown


Deals special damage to all enemies and dispells all positive status effects on them.

By the Book


Clone allies recover 7% of their maximum health when they use a basic attack.  This can’t occur more than twice before the Clone’s next turn, and is cancelled if Echo is defeated.



When an ally uses their basic attack during their turn, Echo has a 30% chance to assist, dealing 40% less damage.  The assist chance is doubled if the attacking ally is a Clone.


You will want to run critical hit chance and damage mods on him, as he will be attacking the most out of your team.  Speed is negligible as for every attack he does during his turn, there will be 3 or 4 assists.  His EMP Grenade hits for quite a bit of damage, modded out at 216% crit damage, it will crit for at least 10k damage on each target.  During a good phase 2 run of the Heroic AAT raid, Echo will account for approximately 25% of your party’s damage, so getting as much damage out of him is important.  This means running offense primaries on both his cross and arrow mods.


You can view Echo’s gear here:

You know all those garbage mk4 droid callers and stun guns that you’ve been horading from challenges, with no one to use them on?  Well congratulations, you’ve found just the character you’re looking for!  Echo needs 6 separate mk4 droid callers, as well as 3 mk4 stun guns.  However, he does make up for that with requiring 4 raid pieces, 1 of each separate Rancor raid piece. He will also need 3 pieces of raid gear from the new Tank Takedown raid: a mk4 hololens projector, a mk6 fusion furnace, and a mk11 blastech weapon mod.  He will be a rough grind to gear toward gear 11, and he will require a lot of Mk5 power cells from the Tactics challenge, but it will be incredibly useful for him as he’s Tactics-based, so more of that stat will increase his physical damage.


Echo obviously will work best within a Clone team, as he has double the assist chance, and his healing is wasted on non-Clone allies.  That doesn’t completely negate his usefulness, as his basic will still give the same amount of turn meter bonus, it just won’t happens as often with his diminished assist chance. Also, his aoe dispell is one of 4 in the game currently with Baze, Asajj, and B2.  As you will usually use his EMP grenade once there are buffs in play, his deals the most amount of damage, but it lacks the utility of Baze combined with Chirrut assist, as well as Asajj and her bonus speed for unbuffed enemies.  Not to mention the buff immunity that B2 brings with his dispell.  Echo’s dispell is overshadowed by others, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great, it just means the others are better.

CT-7567 “Rex”


Rex is a support-based Clone with abilities that are meant to support and defend Clones.


Impeding Shot


Deals physical damage to the enemy and reduces turn meter by 25%

Squad Discipline – 4 turn cooldown


Removes all negative status effects from all allies and grant them Tenacity Up for 3 turns.  All Clone allies gain 60% turn meter plus an additional 10% turn meter per effect removed this way, and all non-Clone allies gain half that amount.

Subdue – 4 turn cooldown


Deals physical damage to the enemy plus an additional 25% bonus damage equal to the target’s maximum health.

Brothers in Arms – Leadership ability


Clone allies gain 20% bonus health, other allies gain half that amount.  Additionally, whenever an ally is critically hit, all Clone allies gain 15% turn meter, and other allies gain half that amount.



For Rex, you want to make him go as fast as possible, since his Tenacity Up buff is crucial to ensuring your team can avoid as many debuffs as possible.  To achieve that, you should pack speed mods on him.  To compliment his speed mods, also throw some health mods to help with his survivability.  You can conidering changing his health mods to critical chance to help deal more damage in the tank raid.  Potency mods would be vital for him in the Rancor raid due to his Impeding shot is a guaranteed turn meter reduction, but he has very low potency.


Keeping health mods on Rex is vital to ensuring his survival, as he has very low health and protection.  Ensuring he has high speed is nice, but also don’t gimp him on bonus protection as well.  If you mod him correctly with speed, he can be one of the fastest characters in the game due to his already high natural speed.


You can view Rex’s gear here:

Rex is a Tactics-based character, but most of his gear will give him agility, which is quite odd, as it leads him to have below average on his physical damage stat. He will require 2 Mk5 Fusion Furances, two Mk3 Stun Cuffs, two Mk6 Hyposyringes, and a Mk3 Carbanti.  For tank raid gear, he will require a Mk4 Hololens and a Mk3 Bacta Gel, but those are required once he is already at gear 11.  He’s not too much of a gear hog, he just requires pieces that everyone seems to need as well.


Rex is the one Clone that you can fit into any team, and that’s thanks to Squad Discipline and Brothers in Arms.  His leadership ability is priceless, especially in arena where everyone and their mother likes to run crit-based teams, like Wiggs and Boba Fett.  If you’re running a droid team, you’ve learned to avoid Rex teams like the plague. The turn meter boost per critical hit is a great way to counter teams that rely on critical hits.

Squad Discipline is a one of a kind ability.  You have several other characters who can cleanse, and others who can grant allies Tenacity Up, but there is no other character who can do both, AND also boost turn meter.  This makes him incredibly valuable in any arena team.  Boosting turn meter per effect cleansed is also great, but you’ll want to use this ability up front to avoid the debuffs from enemies.

These abilities make Rex a vital member for any team, and someone you should seriously consider alongside other characters.

CC-2224 “Commander Cody”


Commander Cody is a Clone attacker that can stun as well as call in multiple assists.


Alpha Strke


Deal physical damage to the enemy and gain 20% turn meter.  Gain an additional 20% if the target is above 50% health, and another 20% if the target is below 50% turn meter.

AT-TE Mass-Driver Cannon


Deal special damage to the target enemy and 35% less damage to all other enemies.  If the attack scores at least 2 critical hits, then the primary target is stunned for 1 turn.

The 212th Attack – 6 turn cooldown


Commander Cody calls all Clone allies and 1 random ally to attack.  These assists deal 40% less damage.  For each critical hit scored during this move, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1.

Ghost Company Commander – Leadership ability


All Clone allies gain 25% critical hit chance, and other allies gain half that amount.  Cody gains 50% defense per living Clone ally, and other Clones gain half that amount.  This leadership ability has a zeta upgrade where it adds +5% crit chance, +10% defense, and all Clones gain 5% protection regeneration when they use a basic attack.



For Cody, having him go as fast as possible is vital, so you can squeeze out as many 212th attacks as possible.  For that reason, prioritizing speed mods on him is necessary, with filling out the rest with critical chance mods.  If you can find critical damage mods with incredibly high speed secondaries, then that would make things even better.  Keeping him going fast is what will allow you to spam his 212th attack, which will in turn not only put out massive damage, but also keep the protection on your clones at a high amount.


Keeping speed on him is a good idea, but you also want your primary mods to be much more focused on Protection, as Cody is incredibly squishy, falling below average on both health and protection.  If you can’t keep him alive, then things will quickly fall apart without his 212th attack to keep up with damage.


You can view Cody’s gear here:

Cody is a gear hog.  He requires 3 Mk5 Fusion Furnaces, as well as a Mk7 Nubian Scanner, and a Mk6 Nubian Design Tech.  If you thought that was bad enough, he will also need 3 Mk6 Hypo Syringes, and 2 Mk3 Stun Cuffs, as well as a Mk5 Stun Gun.  He requires a lot of hard to find gear, and he also needs a lot of new level 85 pieces, such as the tank raid Mk4 Holo Projector, and 3 Mk7 Shield Generators.  He will also require 2 of the gold Mk8 Biotech Implants, as well as 1 Mk9 Data Pad.  Even with all of these pieces giving him boosts to his health, he still falls on the squishy side of things, so you can imagine how bad he was before the level 85 cap increase.


This is Cody’s greatest weakness: he quickly becomes useless outside of a full Clone squad.  His 212th attack already has a severe damage penalty attached to it, and the fewer clones you have in the team, the less attacks you’ll have called in from the ability, which leads to fewer critical hits, which leads to longer cooldowns on his ability.  The aoe AT-TE stun is nice, but it’s not impressive in terms of damage outside of the primary stun, and a 1 turn stun is not as useful when you have someone like Aayla who can stun anytime she crits, and she can counter.

However, if you are running Cody in a full Clone squad, you will not find a better leader anywhere else.  His protection regeneration on his zeta’d leadership ability has become a massive game changer, as it allows Clones to last through an entire fight of the Tank Takedown, keeping them all alive and health until the tank gets angry (how does a tank get angry?).  Clone teams can potentially pull off 3 million+ in phase 2, with both zetas on Fives and Cody, making them arguably the best team for that phase.

For arena, Cody’s ability makes them useful there, but the glaring issue of no Clone tanks is brought to light, as each Clone can be individually picked off without any pause.  Hopefully this changes with a General Kenobi brought into the lineup.  The Clones can dish out good amounts of damage, but as each one dies, Cody’s leadership ability’s bonus defense quickly diminishes.  Therefor, you can run a good Clone arena team, but you must keep them modded out for bonus defense and protection to survive.


Now that we’ve covered each of the clones, and what they bring to the table, let’s talk about what their pros and cons are.

  1. Burst damage – Thanks to assists from Fives and Cody, as well as Rex’s Subdue, Clones are good at throwing out a large amount of damage in a very short amount of time.  Add in Sarge and his massive hits with turn meter boost, and you have a deadly team on your hands.
  2. Good healing- with Cody’s zeta combined with Echo’s unique, Clones can quickly regenerate any damage taken.
  3. Excellent defense- With Cody’s lead, each clone can run 120% bonus defense, allowing them to take a direct hit from a Wiggs combo and keep on trucking.
  4. Turn meter manipulation- Clones are made for manipulating turn meter.  Between Sarge’s aoe, and Rex’s Impeding Shot to reduce the enemies turn meter, and Fives’ speed down on his basic, you can control the enemy’s turn meter.  Add that in with Cody’s, Sarge’s, and Echo’s basic, you can quickly boost your own turn meter.  As long as you can keep turn meter under control, you have a greater chance of success in winning the battle.
  5. Anything with critical chance up buffs-  Leia comes to mind, as her critical chance up (+25% critical chance) can combine with Cody’s lead to create a ton of yellow numbers everywhere, and enemies quickly start melting under their concentrated fire. Another notable character who can put out a crit buff at will is Raid Han Solo.


You know what Clones strengths are, but let’s discuss the weakensses, even though we really don’t want to.

  1. No tank- Clones have everything going for them except one glaring issue: there’s no actual Clone tank.  Kenobi lead makes up with this for allowing Fives to taunt but it’s for only one turn, so it still doesn’t give you a bonafide tank.  This is problematic because Clones are by nature squishy, so they can die pretty easily without someone to protect them.
  2. Defense falls apart quickly- Tying in with the lack of tanks, Cody’s defense lead only applies for living Clone allies, so the defense bonus quickly dimishes as Clone get picked off.
  3. Damage falls of quickly without a lot of crits- Clones live off critical hits. They use it for 212th attacks, to keep up their high amounts of damage. All you need is crit immunity on the enemy, and your Clone team is finished.
  4. Barriss Zeta- Does this need any explanation?  Thanks to the severe damage penalty from 212th attack, Clones will actually deal a lot less damage than the amount that’s healed back from her zeta ability.
  5. No dedicated healer- Echo can heal fellow clones, but that’s only on their basic, and it’s for only 7% at a time, not exactly a large amount of healing.

Friends and Enemies

Now with the strengths and weaknesses in mind, let’s see who the Clones work with best, and who you should avoid taking them up against.


  1. Any good tank, starting taunt is better-  Baze and Shoretrooper are great here, as you can sub in Baze for Echo and still have dispells in play, and Shoretrooper gives crit immunity to everyone.  General Kenobi is also great here, as his Soresu ability makes him taunt anytime an ally is critically hit, and gives crit immunity to said target. Other tanks who work great are Sun Fac, ST Han, and Royal Guard.
  2. Any Jedi with Clone synergy- Plo Koon with his tm boost, and Anakin with his offense up can make your Clones gain the early advantage in a fight.  Qui Gon Jin can get an extra attack in with his assist attack, and can also dispell while giving his allies some offense up.
  3. Another Cleanser- Someone like Chirrut or even Barriss would be nice in there, as they can cleanse debuffs from allies, in case Rex gets stun locked.
  4. Anyone with high crit chance- You can try subbing in a Clone for someone else who runs a naturally high crit chance, like Ahsoka, but keep in mind that this harms your stacking defense for Clones, so choose carefully.


  1. Fast characters with lots of debuffs- Tie Fighter Pilot and Boba Fett jump to the top of this list.  They are both fast and can ability block your Rex at the start of the match, allowing things to quickly spiral out of control.  Follow that up with an Emperor Palpatine aoe stun, and you may as well go ahead and quit the match and save yourself the frustration.
  2. Dispells, especially the aoe variety.- Baze, B2, and an enemy Echo can quickly wipe out the tenacity buff from Rex, allowing your Clones to quickly get picked off.  You can counter this by forcing Sarge to get offense up, let the dispell go off, and then use Rex’s Squad Discipline, but this is incredibly risky.
  3. Anyone who counters critical hits- Barriss gets tm from critical hits on her allies, Kenobi’s Soresu we’ve already covered, and Shoretrooper can make your Clones be all bark and no bite.  Biggs can’t be underestimated either, as he can quickly turn those critical hits into Wiggs combos.
  4. Anyone with a big single hit- Tie Fighter Pilot and Boba Fett make an appearance here again, with their big hits from TFP’s basic, and Boba’s Execute.  Wiggs combo of course, but you can counter this with a GK on your team, as it will make Wedge and the other assist be regular hits, but this can only happen a few times before you GK will bite the dust.
  5. Barriss zeta- Thankfully, they finally fixed her zeta so it no longer works after she dies, but it can still be a pain to deal with.


Big shoutout to everyone on the Content Team at Teamskunk for allowing me to write this up, as well as Dr. Nocard for giving me the graphics for the Clones to add in to each section.

AhnaldT101 has a YouTube channel where he has done in-depth 7* reviews for the Clones.  Also, credit to him for the idea for a Friends and Enemies section.  You can find his channel here:

I also have a YouTube channel, where I have a lot of Clone footage uploaded, included several looks at the zetas for Cody and Fives, as well as several tank attempts, and walkthroughs of GW and Tank Takedown.  You can find my channel here:

Thanks to everyone who has helped me write this up, and a special thank you to the readers of this site.  I hope this has helped you all out, and you can message me if you have any questions.  Good luck, and enjoy your Clone team!


1/15/17 – Divided “Gear and Mods” into separate categories.  Also separated mods into raid and arena sections
1/16/17- Added Strengths and Weaknesses sections.

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