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Heroic AAT Prep Guide


General Resources:

  1. Here is Morningstar013’s constantly updated list of ALL relevant hAAT teams based on breaking trends here.
  2. Want the abbreviated version?  Check out Ava’s 5 Minute hAAT Guide here.

Below we are focusing on the most accessible teams for players in guilds preparing for the hAAT:


phase-onePHASE ONE:   The general approach is to apply tenacity up, then heavy hitters on GG, light hitters and stunners on B2.  Estimated HP: 4,300,000.  

In hAAT, most players use an all-Jedi squad, but this is not necessary, as Rex can be quite effective.  However, with the advent of the Cody zeta in P2, you might want to save Rex for that. Teams that we have found to be effective:


Jedi are your go-to squad

Step 1 – Pick a lead.

  1. Qui Gon Jin (QGJ) [zeta] lead.  Improving speed and damage for your jedi, as well as foresight from kills improves both damage and survivability.
  2. Aayla Secura lead. Increases Jedi tenacity and heals on resists increases your team’s survivability.
  3. Jedi Knight Anakin (JKA) lead. Increases offense, critical damage, and provides advantage when dodged, thereby increasing your team’s damage.
  4. *in the future….* General Kenobi (GK) lead. Increases survivability by both HP and defense boosts. Will be covered soon. 
  5. The Kenobi Sink. Video below!

Step 2 – pick your key members:

  1. JKA, if not already your lead, is an essential part of the Jedi Phase ONE team. High damage, tanky, and His buff block on GG from his basic attack is essential to preventing GG from gaining his dreaded green triangle buff (tactical manoeuvring).  Yes, I just call it the green triangle.
  2. Aayla Secura, if not already your lead, is another essential part of your Jedi Phase ONE team.  She stuns on critical attacks, and coupled with her counter-attack, is very useful at controlling the droids, namely B2, who can remove your juicy buffs.  Why is control better than killing? GG’s unique passive gives him 25% more speed for every dead droid. 
  3. Yoda.  Battle Meditation allows your Jedi to resist GG’s debuts that he lands on your team. If your team dies, it’s usually due to enrage, or the overwhelming amount of debuffs, so anything to counterattack this problem will help survivability.
  4. Qui Gon Jin.  If not already your lead, is an incredible asset in the Jedi Phase ONE team.  Excellent speed, assist, heals on assist, and most importantly, a dispel (for yes, the dreaded green triangle buff). 

Step 3 – Filling out your team:

  1. Ashoka. Very high damage, group heals.
  2. Ima Gun Di (IGD).  One of my favourites – applies defense down on basic, thereby increasing everyone else’s damage, and does 100% more damage on droids. Increases survivability via group defense up.
  3. Barriss [zeta]. Adds survivability towards the back end of the encounter through healing when critically attacked, and dispelling at the end of her turn, but I found her damage underwhelming.
  4. Ezra Bridger. Ezra can deal large amounts of damage on his own, but can also call in assists, which can allow for a massive combo when used with Ima Gun Di, allowing for a quick 60-70k damage on Grievous.
  5. Non-Jedi Options: Basically, cleansers, such as Ewok Elder, Rex, etc… but I prefer to run an all-Jedi squad.

Step 4 – Modding

Speed primary arrows on everyone.  Critical damage primary triangles on everyone except Barriss (health) and possibly Aayla (critical chance).  TENACITY PRIMARY ON CROSS. The tenacity cross is non-negotiable. Just do it. Otherwise, there are many modding schemes that work, here is one suggestion:

  1. QGJ: Critical damage x4, critical chance x2 OR potency x2 (for TMR on GG)
  2. Aayla Secura: Critical chance x 6 OR critical damage x4, critical chance x2
  3. JKA: Critical damage x4, critical chance x2 OR potency x2 (for buff block on GG)
  4. Yoda: Speed x 4 (especially behind a QGJ zeta lead), potency x2 OR critical chance x2.  I like Yoda as fast as possible for TMR on GG and Battle Meditation.
  5. Ashoka: Critical damage x4, critical chance x2
  6. Ima Gun Di: Critical damage x4, potency x2 OR critical chance x2 (for defense down on GG)
  7. Barriss: anything to make her faster, and survive better.

Step 5 – Speed Order (can be skipped if you don’t have flexibility in mods to do this)

Goal is to leave Greivous unable to avoid damage and your squad largely protected from negative status effects.  How to achieve this:

  1. method 1 – QGJ leads with TMR on GG, JKA lands buff block on GG, Yoda performs Battle Meditation, Aayla stuns B2 (or else he’ll remove your BM)
  2. method 2 – Yoda leads with TMR on GG, QGJ assist on B2 (pray for Aayla assist call), JKA lands buff block on GG, Yoda should go again if GG’s TM was lowered and use Battle Meditation, all before GG’s first move.

Below is a video of Nukin using the Aayla Secura leadership in action:

Kylo Ren Solo

Kylo Ren can solo Phase 1 thanks to some glitchiness (?) thanks to his reworked unique, as well as a zeta on his Outrage ability.  For now, it seems that his unique, Unstoppable, resets the retreat timer, but it is not known if this is intentional.  For now though, it works, and as such, allows Kylo to easily solo Phase 1.  This method is a fantastic one for your guilds that are new to hAAT and are looking to progress and clear the place.

Mods-  Thanks to his Unstoppable Unique, Kylo gains +10 Speed per debuff on him, so speed is not a vital thing to focus on for his mod setup.  You’ll want to focus a lot more on offense, so focus on Critical Chance and Damage, with a lot of secondary stats focusing on Offense and Protection.

Method- Focus your attacks on Grievous, using Outrage anytime it is available, and Lash Out if it is not.  Once Grievous taunts for the first time, start looking at retreating from the battle and rejoining the conflict.  Make sure to only use Kylo in your team, and always keep an eye on the enrage timer.  If done correctly, you can do small increments of 100k damage, and keep retreating and joining again to finish off the Phase.

The Kenobi Sink

Thanks to FN55378008 for popularizing this team. The team relies on General Kenobi putting Retribution on the entire team, and then letting the team go crazy on Grievous as he constantly uses his AoE attack.  The fight takes around 2 minutes in total, but is notable for allowing to take off a good 25% of the entire phase’s health.

Leader- Anakin. His leadership that gives bonus Offense and Critical Damage to all allies, which causes all allies to hit that much harder on their counter attacks.
Leader- IGD.

Filling out the rest of the party

General Kenobi- His The Negotiator ability gives the entire party Retribution, which allows you to counter Grievous’ AoE attack, which is the catalyst for this run. A must have for the battle.
Darth Maul- His Whirling Blades ability will put Daze on the droids, especially B2, which prevents his AoE dispel, which would remove Retribution, ruining your entire run.  Absolutely vital character to have in the party.
Jawa Scavenger- His basic applies Offense Down on a critical hit, which allows more AoE’s from Grievous before the entire team dies, allowing for more counter attacks.  Plus being a Jawa, his counter calls in an additional attack. Not necessarily vital to the team, but you do need a Jawa in here.
First Order Tie Pilot/Leia- Optional member for the team.  His basic will almost always attack twice, and since he will always have Advantage, these will be critical hits, allowing for heavy damage when he counters.  Not exactly necessary for the team, as you can use someone else like Princess Leia who can triple tap and give Critical Chance Up to the team, but his double tap is far more reliable, and is not RNG dependent like Leia.


Darth Maul and First Order Tie Pilot- Crit Chance and Damage- gives them a nice boost for their counters.
Anakin- Potency and Critical Damage- boosts the damage of his Counters, as well as helps his Buff Immunity stick on Grievous.
Jawa Scavenger- Offense and Critical Chance- Critical hits on his basic applies Offense Down, and his critical chance is low enough he gets more damage from Offense mods than Critical Damage.
General Kenobi- Offense and Critical Chance- Kenobi also has low base critical chance, so boost his damage with Offense mods, but also give him some critical chance, since he does get bonus Critical Damage from Anakin’s leadership.


Have Anakin or Maul go first.  Use their AoE’s to give the team Offense Up, and Daze the opposing party, which will prevent the B2’s dispel on the party.  If the opposing team doesn’t get Daze, and your team doesn’t get the buff, restart as necessary.  Once those two parameters are met, then use Kenobi’s The Negotiator to give your entire party Retribution.  Once all of that is set in place, attack Grievous until he starts going crazy with his AoE, and then set the battle on auto and let the games begin.  Keep an eye out, and make sure that the party is always targeting Grievous for counters, otherwise you are going to have bad run.

Here’s a video showing off the team:

phase-twoPHASE TWO:  

Step 1 – Pick a Lead

  1. HK47: Traditional droid lead. TM on critical attacks
  2. Cody [zeta]: The incredible boost in defense along with protection recovery on basic attacks granted to clones makes Cody an incredibly viable leader for Phase 2.
  3. Zader (Vader zeta lead): Narrated how-to now live from our very own Nukin!  Watch it here.

Step 2 – Fill out your team

  1. For your Droid team: Nebit, Jawa Engineer, IG-86, IG-88.  Alternately, you could use GG, but I have not had as much success with him compared to the standard droid team.  B2 does not perform well in Phase TWO.
  2. For your Clone team: Rex, Clone Sergeant Phase 1, Fives, Echo. See our recent post The Redemption of Commander Cody for more details.
  3. Recently work has been done pioneering a Resistance Team in P2.  We’ve posted a great video by Smithie D that breaks this approach down well here.  As well as a swgohindepth Mini-Podcast that breaks down building, modding, and running this team:

Step 3 – Modding

For clones, you will want to put 1 critical hit chance set on each clone, to maximize their damage potential as well as minimize the risk of losing out on consecutive 212th Attack via Cody.  Then mod the rest of them as follows:

  1. Cody- Speed.  You want Cody to go as fast as possible to increase the amount of 212th Attack moves to quickly topple the tank and to pack in as much damage during the topple as well.
  2. Rex- Speed. For Rex, increasing his speed means he can do more Squad Discipline, which will boost the TM of all of your clones so they can also attack more often.  You can use this either as a panic button in case a turret goes down too quickly, or if you want to just squeeze a little bit more damage out of them during a topple. Also, you can’t discount his Subdue, as the bonus 25% damage of maximum health on the target is a massive boon for quickly toppling the tank, which is key for maximizing their damage.  So getting him to attack and use his specials as fast is possible is key.
  3. Clone Sergeant Phase 1 (Sarge)- Critical hit damage.  Between Sarge and Echo, these two will be attacking the most out of all of your clones, so increasing their damage is key to getting a good run.  Sarge already has an awesome turn meter boost thanks to his basic attack as well as increased critical hit damage and offense up from his unique ability Concentrated Fire.  Something interesting to note with Sarge is that between Cody zeta lead, with the unique means you only need to mod him up to 52% critical hit chance, as he will cap at 100% due to the 30% from Cody and 18% from his unique.
  4. Echo- Critical hit damage. Echo will probably be attacking the most, thanks to his unique “Follow Up” which will give him a 60% chance to assist on a clone’s basic attack.  His basic will give turn 20% turn meter to another character under 50% turn meter, so his basic is big for keeping your team fast.  His assist hits for 40% damage penalty, but adding in critical damage mods will make sure he will still do decent damage. Echo’s aoe ability EMP Grenade also hits for a decent amount of damage as well, so you can use this ability to quickly topple the tank if all turrets are at low amounts of health.
  5. Fives- Without zeta: Potency.  Fives is the second most important character in ensuring you do maximum damage behind Cody, and that’s because of his slow debuff from his basic attack.  You want that to stick every time, as his double tap will help ensure Cody’s 212th attack avoids any sort of cool down.  Getting slow on the main tank first is key for Fives, as doing that can make it possible to topple the tank in 1 turn.  Make sure his cross mod has Potency on it.
    With zeta: Critical hit chance and damage.  With a zeta on Fives, he does not need so much potency, as he will moving a lot faster thanks to the bonus tm from damage on Clones.  When the tank fires out its 3 dots on each Clone, Fives will gain 45% turn meter for each Clone’s turn (15%x3dots).  As a result, Fives will move incredibly fast here, so you can quickly put speed down on all the turrets and the tank, allowing a spam of 212th attacks without fear of a cooldown.  Make sure you have a Potency primary on the cross mod for Fives, this is important to getting his slow to stick.

Step 4- Speed Order

It is important to note here that if you have zeta’d Fives, then your tactics and mods have completely changed for the team.  You will want to focus much more on maximizing damage with a Fives zeta, as opposed to getting his slow to stick on the main tank without a zeta.

Without Fives’ zeta:

  1. Try to get Cody faster than Rex, that way Cody can come out of the gate with a 212th attack, and then Rex can follow up with his Squad discipline, allowing Cody to quickly use another 212th attack.
  2. If it’s Fives turn, and the main tank does not have slow, then use his basic on the tank.  THIS IS A HUGE PRIORITY.  If the tank is not slowed, then you are missing out on topples for the rest of the fight.
  3. Sarge will be attacking a lot, use his basic as much as possible.  Save his aoe for when the turrets are all low on health and you want to push a topple before the tank moves again.  Use the same method for Echo here, save his grenade for knocking down all the turrets at once, or you can use it if all Clones are above 50% turn meter.
  4. Use Rex’s subdue to knock a huge amount of health off of a turret.  But do not prioritize this over Squad Discipline.  If that move is off cool down, consider using it first to help push a topple.
  5. Only use Cody’s aoe ability if his 212th is off cooldown OR if you will only gain the minimum turn meter boost from his basic attack.  A topple is much more important than gaining 20% turn meter, as Rex and Echo can quickly fill his turn meter bar back up to full.

Here is Mcmole2’s narrated 2.69m run to tie his P2 clone technique together:

With Fives’ zeta:

  1. Cody: Use 212th attacks to quickly knock down a turret’s health.  Use 212th only when the turret is above 30% health.  Attacking a turret that is already inflicted with speed down is a bonus, as it allows for more attacks on the turret, minimizing the risk of a cooldown on 212th.  If 212th is on cooldown, and at least one turret is above 10% health, use Cody’s basic attack, so he can gain some bonus turn meter back.  Be careful and pay attention to the turn meter on the main tank; if it will move before you have a chance to topple, then just attack the main body instead.  Use Cody’s AT-TE attack if all turrets are below 10% health, be careful and make sure theres another clone ready to back up Cody in case one of the turrets dodge the attack (sidenote: how does this happen?). Use the aoe on whichever turret has the highest health of them.
  2. Rex- Hold Squad Discipline in reserve for emergencies.  This is going to become your emergency turn meter boost to help push a topple before the tank moves.  You want the dots to accumulate on the Clones to give Fives his massive turn meter boosts, so this is now a way to help squeeze out that topple when the tank is sitting at 90% turn meter and you know you can topple it before it moves.  Also, use Subdue to help destroy a turret, as this attack will deal massive damage, preferably on a turret that is not afflicted with speed down, remember to save those for Cody’s 212th if possible.
  3. Echo and Sarge- nothing special here with them once you have a Fives zeta, keep using them like before to damage turrets and use their aoe if you can push a topple before the main tank moves again.
  4. Fives- behind Cody, this is your new MVP.  Your goal here is to get speed down on the main tank first, then on the turrets, but do not waste turns on trying to slow the main tank.  This is mostly a judgement call, but I will only spend a max of 2 of his turns on trying to slow the main tank, and then focus on the turrets.  Toppling the tank is much more important than trying to slow it down, espeicially since you can get slow on it much easier once toppled.  Save his assist special for a turret that still has a high amount of health, and always use it when it’s off cooldown during topple.  When the tank puts its dots on all the Clones, and this is very important, your priority is slowing the turrets first.  Get them slowed, allow Cody to go to work with his 212th, as well as Rex’s Subdue, and Fives’ assist special, and topple that tank before it can fill half of its turn meter.

Here is a 3.1 million attempt by Mcmole in p2 with zetas on both Fives and Cody:

Below is a video of Nukin using the HK-47 lead in action:

Below is a video of Nukin using the Zader team in action:

phase-threePHASE THREE:

Step 1 – Pick a lead

  1. Chirpa lead – He’s here to give 10% turn meter whenever an ally attacks. He doesn’t even need to be geared to purple or modded.
  2. Zader (Vader zeta lead) – Vader leads are here thanks to a zeta upgrade. IF your EP is fast enough to go first or nearly first (220+ speed) this may be a good option for you.  Mega fast EP is required as you’re not going to be using ST Han or Chirpa to assist you.  Shocking the droids  with EP allows for Zader’s TM reduction ability to work similarly to the Chirpatine mechanic.  This is, in our view, is more trouble and not as effective as Chirpatine.  For an in depth discussion of Zader in P2 as well as P3 see this forum post:
  3. Chirpathrawn
  4. Imperial Grand Maneuver

Step 2 – Fill out your roster

  1. Royal Guard – Also known as the ‘wall.’ Using RG will help protect emperor from the onslaught of counter attacks.
  2. Fun Sac (Sun Fac) – Like RG, he’s also used as a wall to protect emperor. He will be either your first or last line of defense. Timing his taunt correctly is key.
  3. HanST (Stormtrooper Han) – Although not as tanky as his tank counterparts, he is used more as a supporting hero in this setup.
  4. Papa Palps (Emperor) – The main damage dealer of the phase.  For
  5. TIE Fighter Pilot – A big hitter, who can hold his own even without tanks protecting him thanks to dodge mechanics in his kit. He’s best used with Vader.

Step 3 – Modding

There’s a few ways you can mod emperor the best two are a CC an CD set or an offense mod set. Tanks need to be stacked with protection including the arrow.

  1. Royal guard – Protection primaries across the board. Mod sets that would work best for this phase are: health, potency, speed, defense.
  2. Sun Fac: Protection primaries as well. Mod sets that would work best for this phase are: health & defense.
  3. HanST – Although people have him modded for speed, he doesn’t have to be to score well in this phase.
  4. Emperor — There’s multiple ways of modding emperor for cranking out the damage in this phase. We’ll go a tad more in depth here on him.
    1. Standard CC/CD set will work out best if you’re able to get critical chance close to 40%. You’ll want a critical damage triangle here and goal is to get 180-216% critical damage. This would allow emperor to get those huge upper teens hits consistently. Aim to have critical chance as a secondary.
    2. Offense mod set – Probably the most economical mod set of the bunch. You won’t need godly secondary stats like critical chance here to be effective. Go for a critical damage triangle if you’re feeling lucky, otherwise go for a critical chance or offense primary triangle here.
    3. Speed set – Although still able to crank out some damage, you’ll find it hard to compete for the raid leaderboards compared to people running offense and critical mod sets. This is the lazy option for people not interested in mod swapping.
  5. TIE Fighter Pilot – The optimal mod set here would be a critical damage set with a critical damage triangle. Speed secondary stats here would really help him get more damage just by the nature of taking more turns overall. If you don’t have these readily available a speed set will do. Some other mod sets that work great on him a CC and potency.
  6. Chirpa – No mods required! You heard us correctly…nothing!

Step 4 – Execution

Chirpantine plan: Shock all of the B1 droid adds with emperor before getting attacked by the main AAT canon in the back while hiding behind a wall of taunters. Proceed to spam basic attack until your last breath. Pew pew!

  1. Start off by laying down shocks with emperor on the droid adds. If you fail to apply shock on a droid more than two times retreat out.
  2. Use supporting heroes Chirpa and HanST
    1. Chirpa – Use his assist ability Tribal Unity to call in Emperor to assist on a droid that isn’t shocked. Having RG called to assist is ok but not optimal. If one of these two scenarios don’t occur retreat out.
    2. HanST will be your first tank to taunt and your first tank to die. He helps the rest of the team get set up and do their thing before the main canon has enough time to gain turn meter to fire.
  3. Around turn 12 from enrage you will use Sun Fac’s taunt after all the B1 droids are shocked. The key here is to utilize HanST’s unique which gives the rest of the team turn meter when he’s attacked to give Sun Fac to actually take a turn when ‘time is frozen’ by emperor.
  4. Royal guard – The key here is to give the defense boost up in the beginning and to time his second defense up the turn before his auto taunt is going to activate. The latter is harder to time, but over many runs you’ll get a feeling of when that’s about to happen!
  5. At the very end of the run, all of your taunters should be dead with emperor clinging for life. You can choose to ‘reset’ the level by using his let the hate flow ability allowing for the B1 droids to respawn if your guild allows a second attack in this phase.

Here is a video of Nukin displaying how to execute the P3 Chirpantine technique: 

Here is a video of Nukin showing the details of the how to mod and run the chirpathrawn team:



In the guide SkyKrak’s recommendation regarding toppling and using Leia’s party Crit chance buff to survive the air raid was pure genius.  I believe it is common practice now even outside of Team Skunk, all thanks to Sky.

Step 1- Pick a lead

  1. Wedge lead- Increases offense as well as regenerates health on a crit and defeating an enemy.  This should be your lead, this guarantees the most damage from your rebels, as well as gives them a nice health boost to deal with the dots and damage taken over time.
  2. Lando lead- Increases speed by 15% and critical damage by 29%.  Good secondary lead if you don’t have Wedge, gives you more speed and allows for bigger hits.
  3. Ackbar lead- Rebels gain 25 speed and 10% tenacity.  The tenacity won’t save you, but the speed boost is nice.

Step 2- Fill out your roster

  1. Wiggs- Absolutely necessary to get turrets down quickly, as well as the B2 droids. Wedge’s aoe will deal decent damage to all enemies, and the Wiggs combo is a good way to ensure a turret dies quickly.
  2. Leia- Her basic gives a critical chance up buff, which is necessary to survive the firestorm attack at the end of a topple.  This will require some good RNG, as it’s only a chance to apply the buff per attack, and she only has a chance to double or triple tap.
  3. Lando Calrissian- His aoe ability Double Down is a good way to quickly topple the turrets, and due to Wedge lead, he will always be topping off his health from this ability.
  4. Han Solo- Can give critical chance up and evasion up buffs from one of his abilities, which can guarantee survival from the firestorm. Also counters and can do quick turn meter boosts to himself from his second special ability Deadeye.
  5. Chaze- You knew this was coming.  Chirrut and Baze are absolutely vital to ensuring you get the maximum amount of damage out on each topple, thanks to Chirrut’s ability Strength of Purpose.  Baze will taunt anytime an enemy is defeated, which includes the turrets.  He is the go to tank for your rebels team
  6. Scarif Rebel Pathfinder (SRP)- Another good tank, but risky since his taunt can get quickly dispelled and you want that taunt always up in case he dies, so he can revive quickly.  His basic gives a 15% tm boost to allies, but it’s not as good as Baze with his auto taunt and his aoe that deals massive damage.
  7. Ackbar- You can use him if you don’t have other characters in here.  Won’t do much damage, and is a bit of a one trick pony with his cleanse.  His Tactical Genius is nice, but there are much better abilities on other Rebels that are more useful here.

Step 3- Modding them correctly

  1. Wiggs, Leia, Han, Chirrut- Critical hit chance and Critical damage sets.  You want them to hit as hard as possible.  Even better if you get arrows with speed primaries on them, to make them hit faster as well.  Anything that can maximize their damage output here is vital.
  2. Baze and SRP- Health mods with as many protection increase primaries as possible.  You need these guys to survive, and SRP will revive with +20% health for each rebel with a buff.  Keep these guys alive so your other allies can deal as much damage as possible. You may consider using health mods that also give health bonuses in the primary slot on SRP, so he can get more health from each revive.
  3. Ackbar- Speed?  You’ll want to make him go as fast as possible so he can throw out more Tactical Genius buffs and cleanse/heal more often to overcome the ability block and dots from the tank and B2 droids.

Step 4- Turn order

  1. If done correctly, Wiggs should be your first characters moving.  Have Biggs use his special to knock down a turret as much as possible. Use Wedge to start dealing some minor damage to the B2’s to whittle them down for Baze to finish off.
  2. Leia/Han- Use their damage abilities to deal damage to the other B2, try to get him to 25% health for Baze.  For Han, use your Deadeye first to get a free turn, and then attack again.  For Leia, use her basic attack, with Omega should give some nice turn meter boosts between that and Wedge leadership.
  3. Chirrut- Use Strength of Purpose to destroy the top cannon.  If he doesn’t destroy it outright, then Baze should finish it off momentarily.
  4. Lando- Use his aoe to knock down all the turrets and B2’s even more.
  5. Baze- Use his aoe ability Unload to deal a whopping bonus 25% damage of maximum health to each target (obviously this doesn’t include the main tank).  If all of your other characters did their jobs correctly, then Baze should topple the tank and you will have maybe one B2 left standing.
  6. Once the tank is toppled, use Biggs assist attack on the tank, use a couple of weaker attacks on the B2 to finish it off, and make sure Han and/or Leia gets their critical chance up buffs out on all of the Rebels to survive the firestorm attack.
  7. Use Ackbar’s Tactical Genius buff if something goes wrong with Han and Leia and you need to get an emergency buff out.
  8. Rinse and repeat as much as necessary.

Princess Zody

Thanks to our esteemed McMole2, a new team has been discovered for Phase 4, with even better potential damage, with amounts upwards of 10 million on an attempt, good for at least 80% of the phase.

Step 1- Make your team

Leader- Cody, zeta is optional, but is recommended for the additional crit chance and additional survivability for enrage.
Princess Leia- Crit Chance Up buff is necessary for this team, as it ensures the survival from each Firestorm at the end of each topple.
Clone Sergeant Phase 1- Main damage dealer, responsible for at least 1/3 of your team’s damage, thanks to his tm boost and offense up from basic crits.
Echo- Assists are vital for boosting tm, especially when it comes to Cody, allowing him to use more 212th attacks.
Fives- Slow on his basic plus double tap helps put out more damage with 212th attacks, as well as his special is useful in picking off a B2 droid.  Zeta is not necessary, but useful in helping him go first after a Firestorm attack.

Step 2- Get them modded

For the Clones, you are going to be using the same mods as you would in Phase 2.  For Princess Leia, you’ll want to run crit damage and either crit chance or health. Use health if you are struggling to keep her alive in the fight, and go for crit chance for better damage.

Step 3- Turn Order


1- Ideally, you want Leia to go first, as she can give her crit chance buff to everyone in preparation for Cody’s 212th attacks.
2- Use Cody’s 1st 212th to whittle down a B2, with using Sarge’s follow up to attack the other B2.  Keep using Cody’s 212th on the other turrets to knock them down.  Ideally, he’ll use 2 more 212th attacks to destroy turrets while the other’s basics should do the rest of the work
3- Have Five’s special assist to finish off the B2 that wasn’t attacked via 212th.  This attack should knock its health down to 10% or so.  Also use Fives’ basic attacks to slow a turret with the most health, as you’ll follow up with a 212th, which will get more damage in.
4- Sarge’s basic attacks will deal a ton of damage, and he will move a lot thanks to all the critical hits he’s dishing out.  Use his attacks to knock off a large chunk of health on a target.  If all the turrets and B2 droids are down at 10% health, you can use his AoE attack to destroy everything and push the tank into topple.
5- If Sarge’s AoE attack won’t work, you can use Echo’s which deals considerably more damage, but comes at the cost of not boosting an ally’s turn meter.


It’s all pretty straight forward once toppled.  Use Cody’s 212th every time it’s available.  Only use basic attacks for the others, but have Leia stealth every time it’s off cooldown.  The only thing to be careful of is making sure she gets her buffs out, to avoid losing Cody.  If she has to do her basic attacks instead of stealth to ensure the buff lasts, then choose the basic attack.

For a basic video of what this looks like, check out Mcmole2’s video introducing Princess Zody.

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