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Darth Vader

Our very own Cyberghost with some heated and (as always) expertly narrated 2v2 Vader action.



Here is another 2v2 deck for high level players, this time played by Gatordone of Team Skunk.


Playing this Vader deck:

Stuns = Vaders ability plus it has a pull after the pull the leader seems to be stunned still for a half a second. Unique also starts combat by rolling an aoe stun grenade at her enemies. She’s very squishy so make sure she is a follow up play. Stun grenade, do not underestimate the versatility of this card. It’s not just meant for heroes. This card is great aoe damage and really good for shutting down the machine gun yeti.

Counters = Bladesmiths are great for yeti, tanks, turrets and leaders when encountered in 1v1. Sandtroopers are great for most melee and normal humanoids. Probe Droid is great for melee but in this deck it makes a nice temporary tank. It’ll tank enough damage for you to kill a turret for sure. Great for if you do not have the energy costs for your walker.

Taking down turrets = ATST walker is your main objective to attack a turret with. Once the turret engages use your dash towards the turret and start hacking away. The enemy at this point has two options available to attack. You or the Walker. This is where the deck shines and is fun to play. Once they commit to their target (you or the walker) use your stun on what will buy you more time attacking the turret. I usually kill turret first try definitely by the second try.

I hope this guide helps you in mastering the darkside of the force known as Darth Vader…

May the Force be with you.

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