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About swgohindepth

swgohindepth (yep, no caps) is an independent media project founded by appropriate_name and carried on by a collaborative group of volunteers.  We are devoted to producing high quality news, theory crafting and analysis relating to the popular EA mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Currently, we produce a podcast and website.

The project would be impossible without the support and culture of The Republic Gaming Community, however, our content creators and our contributing guests span countless communities across the SWGOH universe.  Parties interested in learning more about this project can do so by reaching out to us via the many outlets listed here.


Producer: appropriate_name

Website Staff:

Website Admins: appropriate_name, Knotty Karate, Nukin, YMSC

Website Graphic Specialist: Mecha

Podcast Staff:

Podcast Host: Knotty Karate

Cast: Nukin, Crazy Excuses, Morningstar, appropriate_name, Methos

Audio Editors: Morningstar, Knotty Karate, Crazy Excuses, appropriate_name, Exalted Seth

Mini-podcast Host: appropriate_name


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  1. I am thrilled to be able to promote this info and send quality thinks that are not Forum confusion. Keep up the good work and let me know when you have updates to your pages!

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