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Episode 29 – Take Off That Mask


Join us this week for Episode 29 of the swoghindepth podcast! This week let’s meet with the regular roundtable and find out more about our new toons and ships.

  •   Knotty introduces the news
  •   Nukin details his recent video on the Brotini solo
  •   Crazy takes us to school on FO and Resistance
  •   Nukin & Crazy unmask Kylo and share their experiences with the toon so far
  •   App introduces us to the new TIE pilot
  •   Morningstar crunches number on ship rankings
  •   The Roundtable shares their plans


Credits and special thanks to:
Our host: Knotty Karate
Regular roundtable: CrazyExcuses, Nukin, Morningstar, Appropriate Name

Producer Nerds: Nukin & Morningstar

Production Wizard: Morningstar



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