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Episode 28 – Nightsistercraft

Join us this week for Episode 28 of the swoghindepth podcast! Joining us to discuss the dark side updates is GrandePatron

Listen in as the swgohindepth podcast crew anlayzes SWGOH’s newest leading lady Mother Talzin and the rest of the Nightsister rework that’s been released so far this month.  You won’t find a more detailed discussion than this on the internet.  Everything you need to know about the Nightsister update is here!

Crazy Excuses hosts a cast of Nukin, Morningstar, Knotty Karate and Methos with a great analysis the recent release of The Last Jedi Trailer.  To top it off we bring you special guest, Reality Skewed Gamers own GrandePatron, who has always had a love for this long-forgotten faction, to give you what can only be called a Nightsister master class

With Appropriate Name handling Executive Producer duties as we prepped and published and Morningstar stepping up to take on audio editing responsibilities masterfully, this is one of the most thorough coverages of a game update we have featured on the show to-date.  Do yourself a favor and soak in some Nightsister knowledge with our newest episode.


  •   Crazy breaks down the news
  •   The Roundtable discusses their experience with our new capital ship Chimaera
  •   Nukin introduces a collaboration with CubsFanHan on beating CLS without CLS
  •   Methos breaks down the new Last Jedi trailer
  •   Nukin kicks off nightsister talks with Mother Talzin
  •   The Roundtable steps through and theorycraft the kit reworks for the five existing nightsisters
  •   Methos checks out any changes (or lack thereof) in the meta report


Credits and special thanks to:
Our host: CrazyExcuses
Regular roundtable: Morningstar, Nukin, knotty karate, Methos

Special Guest: Grandepatron

Producer Nerd: Appropriate Name

Production Wizard: Morningstar



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