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EA Parts Ways With GameChanger Under Questionable Circumstances

***The views expressed are solely those of the author, Appropriate Name***

A day after publishing a video critical of recently released content, YouTuber McMole2 is no longer working in the Game Changers program.

Non-disclosure agreements members of the program sign upon entry and EA’s silence on the matter mean the cause of this change is ultimately a matter of speculation. However, players throughout the community are reacting strongly against what appears to be a retaliatory move against an active and well-liked member of the community known for theory crafting revolutionary new approaches to game content and interacting regularly with players and fans.

Whatever transpired to create this mess, the tone deafness on EA/CG’s part here is mind blowing.  At the very least they have given the appearance of total non-engagement and dismissal when a leading player and theory crafter is critical of the game.

I’m a big fan of McMole’s, but I disagreed with a lot of the points he made in the video that EA appears to have reacted against.  It did resonate with a lot of veteran players I talked to yesterday.   Given my work in organizing collaborations on site and podcast projects, I’m no stranger to disagreements with content creators.  It’s not really a big deal.  It often starts really awesome conversations actually.

The fundamental problem with this situation is that EA/CG doesn’t appear to be interested in those sorts of conversations.  And that’s a radically more dangerous threat to the continued popularity of SWGOH than anything McMole mentioned in his now infamous video.

To be crystal clear here, my views are my own and reflect absolutely no input from any current or former EA Game Changers.






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  1. I didn’t like hearing that McMole was ousted from the program. His theorycrafting is nothing short of groundbreaking. But having said that, neither of us have any idea what he agreed to when he signed up to be a Game Changer. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was a clause in the contract saying you can’t create negative publicity, and maybe that’s what they think he did. That’s just a guess.

    Anyway, I wanted to say Kudos for mentioning it. I don’t think enough people are talking about it.

  2. This post really should be updated to include the video McMole made explaining that all the fault wasn’t on EA’s part.

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