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Episode 27 – Marking Your Territory

Join us this week for Episode 27 of the swoghindepth podcast! This is a special and timely podcast we worked on late into the evening again for you to bring all the theorycrafted goodness of the massive update which just launched the day of this recording (Oct4th). Our regular roundtable this time includes Morningstar013, Nukin and Mcmole2

  • Morningstar breaks down the Phoenix zetas and their ranked value
  • For basic info on all Phoenix, please reference CubsFanHan’s recent video
  • Nukin digs deep on his video about the Chimaera!
  • Morningstar details a plan on how to acquire Thrawn’s ship, how to prepare, and the resources required
  • McMole covers the new locations to farm the “highly sought after ships”
  • Morningstar clarifies the changes to fleet arena and reward changes
  • Nukin wraps up the news on the dark side territory battles
  • Everyone chimes in on the upcoming Territory Wars
  • Everyone discusses the issue of heavy release content and burnout potential
  • Everyone offers their perspective on the “familiar character” from last jedi, as well as the potential for nightsisters

Credits and special thanks to:
Our host: Knotty Karate
Producer Nerd(s): Morningstar & Knotty
Production Wizard(s): Morningstar

Regular roundtable: Morningstar, Nukin, McMole2



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