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3 Steps to Maximize Your TB Stars

  1. Educate your leaders so your guild can develop the right approach to TB.

    • Our basic guide to TB just came out and the advanced strategy portion is nearing completion as well.  Make sure your officers read them and understand TB.
    • Platoon Battles provide huge bonuses in their corresponding Combat Missions, so strategize!
      • Be sure your officers identify platoons with impossible requirements for your guild and direct members not to donate to those platoons.
      • Also, remember that a new level of platoon bonus is only achieved when a set of two platoons is filled.  This means filling an odd number of platoons is never the right move.
      • If your guild can only fill five platoons in a given Platoon Battle for example, members should be directed to fill four, and kept out of the two you want to avoid.  Yes, they could have filled one of those platoons, but it wouldn’t have benefited the guild to do so and would have sucked TB points from Combat Missions and Deployment.
    • For guilds under 70 million GP, consider having members hold off on some Special Missions to increase their GP available for Combat Missions and Deployment.
    • For guilds around 100 million GP be sure to check out this strategy from the Alliance Phoenix that helped them net 41 stars.  Basically, they look to complete the middle territory in phase six by doing only as many Combat Missions as needed to barely one star that territory, so they can preserve GP and three star the bottom territory.
  2. Execute your plan via communication with your members.

    • Use the Guild Leader’s editable in-game announcement banner to update members on what you need them to do or not do RIGHT NOW: fill platoons, focus on this or that territory, etc. …
      • As always, youll be more successful if your members rely primarily on your chat app of choice for news and instructions, but TB is so complex the in-game banner can be a crucial aid when used right.
    • Many succesful guilds have three or more chat channels devoted to TB on Discord or Line:
      • TB Announcement Channel
        • Obviously you are using this for general updates, but also can be used for platoon assignments for guilds that want to identify the weakest characters of the required rarity and have them donated to the platoon.
      • TB Resource Links
        • Videos or guides you want other members to see will get lost in the clutter of other channels, making good info easily accessible is the name of the game.
      • TB Chat
        • A chat channel specifically for TB chat allows players to ask questions and discuss strategy even when everyone else in the guild is talking about unreated issues in your main chat.
  3. Find and address weak spots in between TBs.

    • If the officer core has handled steps one and two above and you have inactive players or players who wont follow instructions remember that behaviors can be changed with some warnings communicated in a constructive manner.
    • If those warnings don’t work and you need to replace a player wait until after the TB is over if possible.  Players need to be in-guild at the start of TB to participate: so focus on keeping the guild full while a TB is running and replacing players and recruiting in-between TBs as needed.

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  1. This is great. Thanks!

    One question about deployments: if you add toons to a platoon and don’t complete it, those toons still get their deployment points, the guild just doesn’t get the platoon bonus abilities in next phase. So it doesn’t matter if you deploy to a platoon or the territory UNLESS you want to deploy to another territory, right?

    • Correct, anytime you use a toon for a Combat Mission, Special Mission, Platoon in a territory they are technically “deployed” to that same territory.

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