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CubsFan Han Comes by the swgohindepth mini-podcast set!


Listen in as the newest EA Game Changer CubsFan Han stops by for a mini-podcast interview and some BB8 discussion!  Here’s the outline we tried to follow…

Section 1: App interviewing CubsFan Han

  • When did ypu start making swgoh videos?  What gave you the yellow theme color idea?
  • Here’s the old logo CFH references!
  • video like top ten characters to G12, what’s the typical prep time for a video like that from start to finish?
  • The oldest three videos on your channel I found have total views (started with the oldest) of: 1, 1,882, and 37013.   That’s one hell of a jump.  For all the aspiring CubsFan Hans out there, what’s your secret?
  • Latest video (before BB8): Top 10 G12 Heroes, it’s a very good video.  It’s extremely thorough.
  • Can you break down Destructo11’s Survivability and Damage stats for us?
  • What would your thoughts be on adding armor pen as a component to the damage (or is there anything u would tweak)?
  • You have how to lead your guild video,  are you a GL?
  • What kind of challenges with TB do u see guilds facing, how are they approaching them?
    • How do you see the changes announced today(payout at the end of each phase, higher payouts, less duplication in PB) and supposedly future GL/officer management aids changing things for guilds and their approach to TB?
  • What do you spend your Guild Event Currency from TB on?
  • Most enjoyable part of swgoh content creation for you?


BB8 Discussion

  • General consensus on BB8?
  • Viability outside a resistance/droid team?
  • Will droids still suck, or will he illuminate their destiny?
    • What’s the ceiling on droid teams now?
    • Insane raid damage or arena viability
  • Legendary?  Really?



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