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Episode 25 – Territory Battles indepth!

Join us this week for Episode 25 of the swoghindepth podcast! This week we have special guests , Ranger199, SirLoki, and Finity to break down the newest content in our midst – Territory Battles!

Also we have our OG Gangsta Appropriate Name, coming back from a short break to break it down for everyone!

What have we learned from the last two Territory Battles – and how our collective experiences have informed what to do next to prepare for the next phases of TB.

  • Our RSG stream friends pimp their latest antics
  • Apppropriate Name covers his new Territory Battle Guide on the way from
  • Knotty outlines the general concepts of what we have learned in TB so far
  • Ranger1999 details everything about platoon deployments as the first priority of the territory battles
  • SirLoki discusses how to fill platoons while also being effective in combat missions
  • Finity tells us about other 3rd party tools that help us coordinate
  • Ranger1999 starts the conversation on which teams are effective in TB, since we often have to donate our A-team players
  • Sirloki breaks down ways to complete combat missions while also contributing to platoon deployments
  • Ranger & Loki share with us the new MVP toons for TB
  • App & Infinity discuss how guild cooperation is more important than GP
  • Ranger & Loki predict what to spend your TB currency on
  • Methos shares with us the current meta report
  • Everyone shares their current game plan

Credits and special thanks to:
Our host: Knotty Karate
Producer Nerd(s): Knotty & Appropriate Name
Production Wizard: Appropriate Name

Special Guests: Ranger1999, SirLoki, Finity

Regular roundtable: Methos, Appropriate Name

Other supporting media on this podcast will be incorporated into Appropriate Name’s upcoming Territory Battle Guide!



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  1. Hello. I’m listening through the new podcast right now. I have a question pertaining to when you guys were arguing for Han and Chewie not being considered resistance. I agree that they should be resistance in game simply for more fun game play and synergy. As far them being resistance in lore however I wonder do you consider Finn and Rey to be resistance? Do you consider your argument for Han and Chewie not being resistance in lore the same argument for Finn and Rey to not be considered resistance as well?

    • perhaps the same argument could be used, sure. but the game is what it is really! we just like to nerd out about it. what if finn had a first order tag too? what if rey had a jedi tag? what if zam wessel could take any faction in the game cuz she is a shapeshifter? alas, we have what we have to work with :)

    • you can search “swgohindepth” on any podcast venue like itunes etc and download it to your device. you can also stream it from this site but i don’t believe it’s downloadable from here.

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