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New Podcast Schedule and Upcoming Content


The site and podcast audience continue to grow.  Thanks for your support and time spent reading and listening!

Here’s what you can expect from the swgohindepth team this Fall:


  • We just recorded a great podcast on Territory Battles featuring Finity, Ranger and Sir Loki.  It is being edited and will be released early this week.
  • We’re returning to weekly podcasts as opposed to biweekly releases by adding a mini-podcast on what are currently the “off” weeks.  The plan is for me to host and produce the new minis and Knotty to have the reigns for the big show.  I hope to sit down with CubsFan Han next weekend for the first such mini and am pumped to get back in the saddle.  YouTuber interviews are always a lot of fun to do.

Site Ongoings

  • I’m neck deep in writing and producing graphics for our upcoming swgohindepth Guide to Terrain Battles.  Knotty is currently developing the banner graphic and Nuke’s expertise, as always, has been invaluable.  By the time it’s done many more will have chipped in as well.
  • It’s going to be released in four sections as they’re completed and the first section, “Territory Battles: The Basics,” should be finished one night this week.  It could take a few weeks for all four sections to be complete just based on the hours the research, writing, and graphics take.  Even then the guide will update constantly over the coming months as changes in-game occur and players find new ways to approach TB.  As far as written content there’s nothing out there like this right now so I hope it fills a gap and becomes a valuable resource to the community over time as many of our other guides are.


Site Updates

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