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App’s Back: Three Big Picture SWGOH Observations


After playing, content producing on this site and the swgohindepth podcast and helping out as an officer in my guild for nearly a year I recently took a break from the game and returned to playing full-time this week.

Returning to action as a sort of veteran newb has allowed me some temporary access to a different perspective on the game, kind of like seeing an old friend for the first time in while. So before I’m fully immersed in the daily drama of SWGOH again I want to savor this moment and share some observations with you that I’ve had upon returning to the joy and agony of grinding it out in SWGOH:

1- Territory Battles is a bold, creative, and winning move by the development team. The predictable move here would have been to simply release a new raid. And there wouldn’t have been anything wrong with that. Players were totally immersed in the challenges of the Rancor and AAT raids when each was released and no doubt we’d have been just as engaged had EA come out with a third raid instead of the TB platform.
But they didn’t do that. EA took a chance and did something new and exciting. The gameplay and design in TB feels fresh and is just straight up fun to play, it stretches my roster without just insulting it like the AAT raid did upon release in the Fall of 2016. Hats off to the devs on this one.


2- Ships are the single biggest content failure currently in the game, and possibly in the history of the game. The problem is not the quality of the ship content we have, it’s great and I really enjoy it. The problem is we don’t have nearly enough of that content. Specifically, there aren’t even close to enough opportunities to utilize ships outside of ship arena. Ship-integration in TB is a baby step in the right direction but a real solution here is what the players deserve. Given the investment of time and resources ship arena requires to be competitive, players who invest heavily in ships can’t help but feel a bit shorted given how meaningless those ships are once you’ve finished your fleet arena battles each day.

Personally, I don’t care if the devs fix this with ship-specific level or Galactic War play, more ship integration in other game modes like we are seeing with TB, or both. They just owe us a solution. At game release they told us to invest in characters, we did and the experience was awesome. So we listened a year later when they told us to invest in ships and the experience has been that there just isn’t that much to experience.  A lot changed very quickly during my SWGOH hiatus, none of that change had to do with ships. That’s not a good sign that this problem will find a solution any time soon.


3 – SWGOH owes much of its enduring success to the incredible guilds, gaming communities, and content creators who make the player experience what it is.  I feel refreshed and am genuinely enjoying the game again like I used to.
That’s not what pulled me back in though.  It’s the people, specifically all the friends I’ve made through SWGOH.
The long-term success of this game is as much about YouTube videos and live streams, Line stickers, and Discord voice parties as it is about anything the devs could ever come up with. So to the content creators, hard working guild officers and community members out there thanks! You make playing SWGOH awesome and put in a lot of time behind the scenes.



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