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Episode 22: Murder Bears and Meta Trends

Join us this week for Episode 22 of the swoghindepth podcast! This episode we have our special guests, Pat the Sith, and ChiefNorbit the Great!

After a minor lull with in-game news, we are back with a new episode, featuring a new intro created by none other than Pat the Sith! Please enjoy as we say more than one could possibly want to know about the following topics:

  • CrazyExcuses and Nukin’s previous visual podcast about ewoks
  • Knotty recaps the recent changes in game to shipments/shops/stores
  • CrazyExcuses breaks down the bug fixes
  • Norbit shares his passion for Farmboy Luke
  • Pattells all about BaeWatch and his plans for her
  • Nukin tells more than you could want to know about how to farm each store effectively
  • Everyone discusses their experiences with the Endor Escalation Event
  • Norbit and Nukin detail the interesting results of this week’s meta report

Credits and special thanks to:
Our host: Knotty Karate
Special guest(s): Pat the Sith & ChiefNorbitTheGreat
Producer Nerd(s): Nukin & Knotty
Production Wizard: Pat the Sith
Regular Roundtable of Awesomeness: Nukin, CrazyExcuses, and Knotty



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