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Episode 18: Theorycrafting Thrawn, Phoenix, and Fulcrum Ahsoka

Join us this week for Episode 18 of the swgohindepth podcast: Theorycrafting Thrawn, Phoenix, and Fulcrum Ahsoka.

  • Discussion:
  • Methos digs deep on Thrawn’s history and Mitth’raw’nuruodo
  • Nukin talks about what to expect and strategy when attempting to beat the Artist of War event
  • Everyone chimes in where they are in their quest for Thrawn
  • McMole2, Nukin, & CrazyExcuses dive into a theorycrafting session on Thrawn in arena, raids, & Galactic War
  • Knotty & Nukin tell us what we can do with phoenix rebel scum after we finish grinding them for Thrawn
  • McMole2 & Nukin revists Fulcrum Ahsoka Tano’s impact in arena and raids post release
  • App gives us the top 10 times you need to stop playing SWGOH
  • Knotty talks about the grassroots campaign to fix the daily ticket bug
  • CrazyExcuses lets us know that the developers are working on bringing flash event notifications to the game.
  • Methos gives us the meta report rundown and any changes this week

Credits and special thanks to:
Our host: App
Producer Nerd(s): Nukin & Knotty
Production Wizard: Knotty Karate
Roundtable of awesomeness: Nukin, McMole2, CrazyExcuses, Methos and Knotty




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3 thoughts on “Episode 18: Theorycrafting Thrawn, Phoenix, and Fulcrum Ahsoka Leave a comment

  1. First off let me say I love your work, all of you. The YouTubes, the Podcast, Morningstar’s crazy spreadsheets (you’re welcome Knotty), all of it. It’s still my favourite podcast by far and the guesting you’ve been doing has made me listen to the others more often of late. You guys put out great info in a polished format and things move at a great pace. Kudos to the entire content team.

    That said, the last episode left me scratching my head a little. I understand not wanting to join the unwashed, whiny, entitled masses at the moment but to not have a single thing to say that is even remotely constructively critical clanged dissonantly for me. I understand that you have GameChangers on the show and there may be some hesitation to be too scathing about anything less their position be jeopardized. But not even a passing comment to acknowledge some of the legitimate gripes people had with the “fix” for the Phoenix flash events and presenting it as a completely positive “CG Fixed it” was mind-blowing to me. Bringing up being at EA play and not even mentioning any of the shenanigans was another eyebrow raiser. What gives?

    I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and believing that it was a conscious choice made of your own volition to distance your crew from the belly-aching that’s going on. I’m kind of tired of it too though (from a complete outsider’s perspective that doesn’t really matter other than being a patron & avid player of the game) I feel that the past 2-3 months has been an absolute train wreck of poor decisions, errors & likely bureaucratically instigated mishandling of the community on the part of CG/EA. I can’t tell you how strongly I hope that it was not some big brother mandate from on high to keep it all positive. I wish you all luck in navigating whatever this challenge you’re facing may be facing – the fact that something’s up was clear as day listening to this show vs any of your others.

    May the force be with you all

    • Thank you for the very well thought-out comments and words of appreciation. We always like to know when our work is valued!

      I can understand why it might be confusing that we completely lacked any content our differences and gripes with EA. There might be a couple reasons for this that aren’t apparent, but I can assure you it has little to do with wanting to brown-nose the company some sort of overzealous white-washing of the content we produce. LOL

      For the most part, there is at least 10% of our recordings that get edited out for the purpose of focusing on clarity and making sure we aren’t wasting people’s time with our personal groans. When nukin and myself were on other podcasts we definitely indulged in some complaining and get a chance to exercise these whines each day in voice chat. Our intent in making the podcast is to keep it as educational and fun as possible. Some of the time, when we dive into griping, it gets edited because it removes the good vibe from the content.

      In fact, the mini-podcast on preparing for Thrawn was several of us spending 4+ hours griping, while making a tangible plan to share that made Thrawn unlockable, so that was a productive way to channel the outrage LOL.

      We all do this as a labor of love and don’t receive any kickback other than appreciation from the community, which is what keeps us going. I’m really happy to hear you enjoy our work and are welcome to hang on our discord server in voice chat with us :)

  2. Cool beans! Super glad to hear that my favorite group of cats talking about this game aren’t going to stop really, well – talking.

    Thanks for the reply Knotty. Keep on being the round table of awesomeness and doing what you guys do.

    I’d love to jump in Discord with you and will take you up on that.

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