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How to Solo the Rancor with Darth Vader!

Nukin here! :D

After the recent fixes to Zader’s leadership, I decided to make a detailed guide on how to still clear the rancor in this rundown video. I go over the history of Darth Vader in the raid, why you should run Zader over Teebo teams, the team to use, the mods to run, and give tips & strategies to be successful. Good luck to everyone and happy raiding!

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  1. Out standing work guys! You’re efforts have turned my semi f2p teams into powerhouses within my guild. Top notch advice and always quick with updates. Truly impressed by the knowledge you share, hats off gentlemen/ladies.

    • thanks for the kind words! we always like hearing that the time and love we pour into this content is helping everyone out :)

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