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Mini-Podcast Special Release! How to Farm Phoenix (F2P!) and unlock Thrawn

Join us for a special mini podcast on how to level up your Phoenix team efficiently and free-to-play, for the purpose of unlocking Grand Admiral Thrawn! Our panel digs deep into the most effective way to acquire the Phoenix characters and prepare them for battle.


  • Knotty breaks down the recent news and leads us into the discussion
  • Nukin & Morningstar discuss where to acquire the phoenix characters and focus on a game plan of how to spend your resources wisely for getting each toon to 5 stars
  • Knotty recaps the exact steps which any player can follow from now until the end of the event which will allow a free-to-play 5 star unlock for Thrawn
  • Nukin runs through the team possibilities and whether one might want to focus on Sabine v Ezra
  • Nukin discusses how you should spend your ability mats and what gear level you should aim for
  • Morningstar shares the community responses to this new event
  • Knotty, Nukin, & Morningstar give their personal game plan on what they’ll be doing going forward

Click here for the supplemental datamine information

Credits and special thanks to:
Our host: Knotty Karate
Producer Nerd(s): Nukin, Knotty & Morningstar
Production Wizard: Knotty Karate



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