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Episode 16: Fulcrum Ahsoka and Zeta spending guide for raids

Join us this week for Episode 16 of the swoghindepth podcast! This episode we have our special guest, Kam6578!

Please enjoy as we go back and forth with the strengths and weakness of Ahsoka Tano Fulcrum, and McMole2 takes us to school on the best return on investment for spending Zetas for maximizing raid damage!

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  • Knotty Karate leads a discussion with Kam and McMole on the varying opinions around the new Fulcrum Ahsoka Tano
  • MilesRiker gives us a spoiler alert on Ahsoka’s background and story
  • Nukin looks back on R2-D2 and how he has affected the game after his month in arena and raid teams
  • McMole2 shares his success with R2-D2 and Resistance in phases 3 & 4
  • Kam breaks down the math behind R2-D2’s Number Crunch and how mods affect the ability
  • App leads the debate on defensive AI and what changes we would like to see
  • McMole2 summarizes his highly popular Zeta ranking video
  • CrazyExcuses does the math on the mod drop rate stats from maro @ Shattered Order
  • MilesRiker digs deep on the surprising meta report results in the last week

Credits and special thanks to:

  • Our host: Appropriate Name
  • Special guest(s): Kam6578
  • Producer Nerd(s): Nukin & Knotty
  • Production Wizard: Knotty Karate
  • Regular Roundtable of Awesomeness: Nukin, McMole2, CrazyExcuses, Knotty Karate, & MilesRiker

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