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Heroic Raid Team Planning Guide by Morningstar 013

Enjoy the newly updated and most popular compilation of the tried and true teams for each phase of all current raids!

Underneath this image are all the links to videos to teach you how to use each team

This list is updated regularly by your friends in The Republic

Thank you Morningstar 013 !

Morninstar’s hAAT Team Guide


Phase ONE:

Tenacity Jedi by Nukin from Republic

Counter Jedi (link pending)

Qway Gone Fishin’ by McMole2

Kenobi Sink by Nukin from Republic

Phase TWO:

Droids by Nukin from Republic

Elder Zader by Nukin from Republic

Viva La Resistance by McMole2

Scavenger Zody by McMole2

Phase THREE:

Chirpatine by Nukin from Republic

Tiepatine by SmithieD

RTFP by SirLoki

Chirpathrawn by McMole2

Imperial Grand Maneuver by McMole2

Phase FOUR:

Standard Rebels by Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Brazil

Princess Zody by McMole2

Chaze & Friends by FN55378008

Viva La R2 by McMole2


Zader No More by Nukin from Republic

2 Jyn’s and a Teebo (link pending)

Old School (link pending)

Save the Dream by Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Brazil

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  1. Thanks Knotty, Nukin, Morningstar, & the rest of the Republic crew – you all are awesome ppl!

    • there are a lot of possible teams that don’t make the list, but they are possible.

      this is a compilation of the most proven, practical, and accessible teams for most players

    • from top to bottom, i suppose they are mostly listed chronologically in terms of which teams were proven to work first, but no they are not ranked by damage output

  2. This is great…I’ve got a lot of work to do….but is there an older version one that would be for people who are no where close to having all those Z characters…maybe have not been around to get Rogue and Phoenix characters yet? A list that would somewhat get the job done until we can get these wonderful builds? I’m still using same teams from Team Skunk posted early HAAT days. So basically… a list for underachievers like myself :-)

  3. Is it possible to get the image as a downlaodable content or have the image made larger – the image is too small too review.

  4. Something appears to have gone wrong with the image? It’s cut off on both the top and bottom, same with the other posts of these.

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