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Imperial Troopers Episode!

Mini-podcast Episode: The Imperial Troopers

Join us for a special podcast focused on the Imperial Troopers! Our panel digs deep on all the ways to understand and plan ahead for using this new character!


  • CrazyExcuses introduces everyone and gets us on track with new updates
  • Who are our new toons? How might they fit in to our-in game progression?
  • Nukin reviews and introduces General Veers’ kit
  • Can General Veers change the empire meta?
  • Methos, Nukin, & Morningstar introduce the imperial troopers and go over the changes.
  • CrazyExcuses, Morningstar, & Methos theorycraft some potential imperial trooper teams.
  • Theorycrafting ensues.
  • Nukin talks about the meta and how the imperial troopers may fit into it
  • How will these new toons affect the current game?
  • Which troopers are worth focusing on, given what we know right?


Credits and special thanks to:

Our host: CrazyExcuses

Production Wizard: Morningstar

Producer Nerds: Nukin & Knotty

Regular Roundtable of Awesomeness: CrazyExcuses, Nukin, Methos, & Morningstar



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