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Where to Farm Empire Characters

Deciding which Empire heroes to star up for the Daring Droid event?  Be sure to read this guide to the event and identify the farming locations of your chosen Empire team from the below list compiled from and in-game.

Each of the fourteen Empire characters is listed below with the locations of their shards given underneath their name.

Not listed below are the various achievements in which you can receive Darth Vader shards or whether or not a player may be farmed from chromium packs.  For players interested in purchasing packs the following Empire characters are available: Death Trooper, Director Krennic, Shoretrooper, Magmatrooper and Grand Moff Tarkin.


Darth Vader

Fleet Shipments: 400 Fleet Tokens (5x)
Shard Shop: 300 Shard Currency (2x)


Death Trooper

Cantina Battles: Battle 8-A Normal (16 energy)


Director Krennic

Light Side Battles: 9-D Hard (20 energy)


Emperor Palpatine

Emperor’s Demise Event


Gar Saxon

Not currently farmable


General Veers

Light Side Battles: 4-C Hard (12 energy)
Dark Side Battles: 6-D Hard (16 energy)
Light Side Battles: 6-C Hard (16 energy)


Grand Moff Tarkin

Arena Shipments: 400 arena currency (5x)
Fleet Shipments: 400 fleet tokens (5x)


Imperial Super Commando

Not currently farmable



Galactic War shipments: 400 War Tokens (5x)


Royal Guard

Light Side Battles: 1-D Hard (12 energy)
Dark Side Battles: 5-F Hard (16 energy)
Cantina Battles: Battle 7-C Normal (16 energy)



Light Side Battles: 9-B Hard (20 energy)



Cantina Battles: Battle 7-B Normal (16 energy)
Light Side Battles: 8-C Hard (20 energy)
Guild shipments: 400 Guild Currency (5x)



Dark Side Battles: 4-D Hard (12 energy)
Light Side Battles: 3-C Hard (12 energy)
Light Side Battles: 8-D Hard (20 energy)
Squad Cantina Battle shipments: 400 Cantina Credits (5x)


Tie Fighter Pilot

Cantina Battles: Battle 4-B Normal (10 energy)


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