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New Player’s Guide To Unlocking R2-D2

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R2-D2 has been a meta changing character.  The only other characters ever released in a Legendary Event were overpowered upon their release, and our analysis of R2’s kit suggested he’d be similarly OP.  But the most impressive thing about R2 has not been his offensive power, but rather his versatility.  Smoke Screen, his first special, makes a taunting tank out of any character your playing, burning and electroshock prod are almost as helpful when used correctly, and his unique Number Crunch is one of the most useful zeta’d in the game.  Overall, he’s the best incarnation yet of the utility SWGOH character in the Qui-Gon Jin/ Boba Fett tradition.

For players with a stable of seven starred and well-geared Empire toons it is just a matter of time until they have their hands on this iconic astromech.  Many new players, however, find themselves scrambling to level up Empire characters in preparation for the event, entitled “The Droid You’re Looking For,” hoping it is enough to acquire and possibly star up SWGOH’s newest hero.

If you are one of these nervous players you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s get to work and figure out what precisely it will take to unlock and seven star R2-D2.

We’ll divide our analysis into three sections: the rules of a Legendary Event, planning your strategy, and executing your strategy.

I. Rules of a Legendary Event

Time: This event will launch on October 26th and run until November 2nd.

Remember to take the long view.  R2 is going to make a huge impact on your roster for months to come.  This means there is NO DIFFERENCE between an R2-D2 acquired when the event opens and one unlocked on the final day of the event.  Use this guide to formulate a strategy, stick to that strategy, and don’t get discouraged when you see other players in your guild or arena shard unlocking R2-D2 before you do.  It doesn’t matter.

Star Level: Assuming this Legendary Event follows the pattern of all before it except for Conmander Luke, five Empire characters of at least five stars will be required to unlock R2 and he will unlock at five stars.  Five Empire characters of at least six stars will unlock him at six stars, and five Empire characters of seven stars will be required to max R2-D2’s rarity at seven stars.

Newer players who unlock R2 but are unable to seven star him by the time the event ends shouldn’t worry.  Compared to other players of your level who do not plan correctly and fail to even unlock this hero, you will be at a HUGE advantage.  A five-star R2 will be hugely effective and when the event returns (probably in three months) you can finish what you started.

II. Plan Your Strategy


The best thing you can do now to get R2-D2 by May 15th is to make a plan to unlock him at the highest star level possible within the time you have.  Here’s how to make your plan:

  1. Forget about gear levels and character levels.  Rank your five strongest Empire characters based solely on rarity. Rarity refers only to the star level of the character, so you want to WRITE DOWN your five Empire characters of the highest star levels/rarity as of right now.
  2. Analyze any weak points on this list.  For example, if you have four five-star Empire toons and a four star Death Trooper that Death Trooper is a weak point.
  3. Identify all farming sources for the shards of the weak points on your list here.
  4. Calculate how many shards you will be able to farm for this character per day.  Hard node and cantina battles yield one shard per three attempts on average.  If you are farming from a hard node or shop consider refreshing the battle or shop with crystals each day if necessary.  If you are farming from a cantina battle use this calculator to determine how many daily refreshes of cantina energy you will need to purchase in order to star up the character in time.
  5.  But wait. There’s another potential farming source you are probably not considering.  The develepors have never launched a Legendary Event without simultaeneously offering shard packs for purchase in the store.  Even now, whenever the Yoda or Emperor Palpatine events return we have the opportunity to purchase shards for the characters needed to unlock them.  Of course, we do not know which Empire characters’ shards will be offered for purchase.  My money is on the Inperial Troopers as they were reworked around the time R2 was originally released with packs offered at that time.

III. Execute Your Strategy


Once you have your five go-to characters selected for this event based on the criteria listed above, GO ALL IN.  Gear them, level them, and farm them daily as much as you’ve calculated is necessary.  You’ll read articles that some other character is best for this event, ignore them.  No other Legendary Event has ever required a set list of five specific characters to complete when other characters were available in the required faction.  The five that you can get starred up, geared up and leveled up in time to unlock and star up R2-D2 are the best characters to use.

That said, this is probably going to be a bumpy ride for some of us.  The first thing to do if you stall early in this event is to strip your best mods from whomever they may be equipped on and remod your Empire team with the very best mods you have.  You may be surprised at the huge difference a big mod upgrade can make in this game.  And finally, if you are on the verge of unlocking R2 at a new tier and just barely missing the mark, there is sometimes no substitute for good old fashioned lucky RNG.  Keep playing when its close and eventually your number will be called.

Good luck and may the force be with you!



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  1. thanks for this post. I have one question. Do you think even Stormtrooper is viable for this event? I started to play only 2months ago and dont have so many Empire chars. And do you think i will be able to get them to 5* better to 6* ?
    Cheer sidonisis

  2. I have all 7* gear 9 or 10 for my 5 Empire characters. What I lack are the rest of the omegas. I see the tools for calculating readiness for these events but none of the tools addresses the mats/omegas. Is my team OK for the Daring Droid event even though I lack the omegas? I can’t beat Node 12 any more so I’m not accumulating omegas fast enough. Thanks

  3. Death Trooper (85/G11), Palpatine (85/G9), Shoretrooper (85/G10), Tarkin (85/G9) – Working to bring Tarkin up to G10

    • Id horde omegas until the event so they are there if you need them. That said, my gut is a straight G9 team like that with good mods should be fine without Omegas. I’ll talk to some D Side experts in my travels today and post back here to confirm that for you buddy :)

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