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R2D2 Theorycrafting

Mini-podcast Episode: The R2D2 Edition!

Join us for a special post-update podcast focused on R2D2! Our panel digs deep on all the ways to understand and plan ahead for using this new character!

  • McMole reviews and introduces R2D2’s kit and abilities. R2D2 has 2 Zetas!
  • CrazyExcuses gives us the rundown on R2D2’s stats and gear from
  • MorningStar leads the discussion on how R2D2 will be acquired and how to prepare. What kind of teams should we be working toward for this rare event?
  • CrazyExcuses breaks down what kind of teams R2D2 can work with, given his versatility with so many allied factions.
  • McMole2 offers a Rex-lead hybrid team that could be very strong given the current meta
  • Nukin starts the convo on how and why R2D2 is likely to be meta-defining. How and why should we be planning to spend Zeta’s now?

Credits and special thanks to:

Our host: Appropriate Name

Production Wizard: Morningstar

Producer Nerds: Nukin & Knotty

Regular Roundtable of Awesomeness: CrazyExcuses, Nukin, McMole2, Morningstar


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