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Ep 10: The Mod Episode

Join us this week for episode 10 of the SWGOH In-Depth podcast! This episode is focused on MODS and how you farm them, how you use them, and how you equip them for the myriad of situations you may find yourself in asking questions.

Get the expert level rundown from McMole2 on Imperial Super Commando

Nukin takes a shot at Good’ol Maurice’s ZyloFinn team

ReggaeDragon demonstrates how to wreck a triple-cleanse team in arena

Dj Sir Loki changes the game on HAAT phase 3

Special Episode: MODS
Knotty and Crazy introduce Mod basics (which we all should know already)
Kam6578 on being resourceful completing mod challenges & “over-farming”

CrazyExcuses on how to acquire mods. What are the best methods?
Nukin on Arena Mods vs. Raid Mods
ReggaeDragon on superstitions that may help proc speed secondaries!
ReggaeDragon and SirLoki on uncommon mod primaries and when to use them
Nukin and McMole2 define some advanced level mod theorycrafting
McMole2 starts the conversation to speculate about the meta direction

Credits and special thanks to:

Our host: Appropriate Name
Production Wizard: Morningstar
Producer Nerd: Nukin
Special guests: ReggaeDragon and Sirloki
Regular Roundtable of Awesomeness: CrazyExcuses, Nukin, McMole2, Kam6578, Knotty Karate



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