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A New p3 hAAT Team is Breaking Records

Pioneered by players like Sir Loki and FN55378008, Teebo-lead turn meter reduction teams are becoming the go to raiding squad in the third phase of the heroic AAT raid.  Smithie D just dropped a great video walking us through the mechanics at work here:

At the time of this writing the highest damage total ever recorded on video in phase three was completed with this team comp and is 2.8 million by DJ Sir Loki, he posted this video last night:

Also in the running for the current phase three recorded record (and the phase one record as well) is the prolific FN55378008 with this 2.7m run:

Though not recorded on video, SnakesOnAPlane and DarkSha have reported even higher scores.  Thanks to all these great players for pushing the limits and finding new ways to dominate the tank!

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