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Ep 9: New Characters, Ships and More

Join us this week to digest the full delivery of the Phoenix and their new ships, a whole slew of theorycrafting, and some wild speculation on the clues to new content!  And be sure to subscribe here.

McMole2 bares all the secrets to his infamous Princess Zody team

Nukin dukes it out in one of the closest arena battles we’ve seen yet

Check out Mageduckey on the RSG livestream for your full dose of ship education

Discussion of Forum/Online Media highlights:

  • Nukin covers upcoming toons Gar Saxon and Imperial Super Commando
  • Mageduckey digs deep to review Ghost and Phantom II, with some extended theorycrafting
  • Knotty Karate starts the roundtable discussion on Cantina Double Drops
  • Appropriate Name covers the New Game Mode hinted at by EA_Jesse
  • CrazyExcuses breaks down the clues to the fan favorite toons coming soon!

Meta Direction and Theorycraft

  • McMole2 guides the discussion on the current meta and potential new shifts. Can the Sith be dethroned anytime soon?

Lore Section

  • Knotty Karate, Methos, and CrazyExcuses geek out on the Last Jedi trailer

Closing Questions

  • Who is your current project and what is next for your roster?

Credits and special thanks to:

Our host: Appropriate Name

Production Wizard: Morningstar

Producer: Nukin

Special guests: Mageduckey

Regular Roundtable of Awesomeness: CrazyExcusesNukin, McMole2, Knotty Karate, & Methos

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