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swgohindepth is Growing

Current happenings at swgohindepth:

  • We hit 100,000 views for the year today!
  • We have added a site management team to help keep track of the many moving parts around here.  This team consists of Appropriate Name, Freedon, Japwizard, Empire Rising and sboez00.
  • Total contributors to the site between graphic artists, writers, video content producers, editors and support staff now number around 20 super awesome people.  swgohindepth makes absolutely no revenue and never will so this is an all-volunteer force.  Thank you all SO MUCH!
  • T-shirts are on the way!  More details to come once we’ve priced out vendors but if you want in on the first order hit us up via any of these methods.  They’ll always be available at cost and for the first batch I will cover domestic US shipping as a personal thank you to volunteers and fans for your support.
  • Thanks to Knotty Karate and all who helped transfer the site to a more user-friendly and attractive layout this past weekend.  This was a long time coming and ended up being as much of a pain in the rear as we were afraid it would be lol.  But totally worth it and we really hope you like it!

As always, thanks so much for spending some of your time with us here.  Your support by visiting the site and your feedback are what drives us to keep this up.


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