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Mini-Podcast #2: P2 hAAT Resistance Team Building

If you are building a Resistance Team for Phase 2 of the heroic Tank raid this is 12 minutes of podcast you really need to tune in for.  Listen as Good Ole Maurice breaks down the team, from mods to strategy, and gives you keys to big P2 scores with this squad.



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  1. Hi, I enjoyed your P2 Haat resistance team building pod. Lots of useful info! Maurice heavily emphasized offense as a stat to focus on for the non-tanks. I’d imagine a lot of players like myself do not have the offense mod challenge unlocked (First Order is brutal farm) so I’m wondering what mod set would be the next best choice for rey/pilot/trooper? Should I just go crit chance/potency for trooper/pilot and straight crit chance for rey, or maybe a combination of CC/CD mods? Thanks for the advice :)

    – Tim

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