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Early Phoenix Ship Theory Crafting

The Ghost and Phantom II are the latest editions to the ship collection available to us in-game.

Though both ships are relatively squishy, they look to make up for what they lack in health and protection with frequent stealth and high damage output.  In addition, a sort of Baze-Chirrut type synergy exists between the two.  Whenever the Ghost receives a debuff or is critically hit the Phantom will taunt and gain foresight for one turn.  The Phantom also prevents the Ghost from being target locked as long as it remains in play.

Let’s take a look at the notable aspects of each ship’s kit and see what sorts of strategies may prove useful down the road.

The Ghost


  • The Ghost’s “Static Jammer” is like Bigg’s special for ships, calling up to three additional attackers.
  • Reduced potency of all opponents so your team is going to be target locked a lot less.
  • “Attack All Angles” looks to be a powerful AOE inside a stealth meta ship team, with each attack becoming 30% more powerful for each stealthed ally.
  • The Ghost’s “Take ’em down” threatens the long ship battle meta we are currently in by inflicting expose on all target locked enemies, raising the potential for huge amounts of damage in a short period of time.

The Phantom II

image (3).png

  • Maxed out, “Sights Locked” will inflict target lock on both its primary target and is 50% likely to inflict target lock on a random enemy as well.  No other ship can inflict target lock on more than a single ship per attack so this is a big deal.
  • Gaining 5% evasion for each Rebel ally, the Phantom II seems destined for a stealth Ackbar lead meta the devs are pushing for hard.

Overall, within an Ackbar lead stealth-meta Rebel ship team, the Ghost and Phantom II look like aggressive, if squishy, additions to a U-wing setup poised to shorten ship battles by doing amounts of damage we have not yet seen in the ship arena.

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