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Morningstar 013’s COMPLETE hAAT and Rancor Team List

Enjoy the newly updated and most popular compilation of the tried and true teams for each phase of all current raids!

Underneath this image are all the links to videos to teach you how to use each team

This list is updated regularly by your friends in The Republic

Thank you Morningstar 013 !

Morninstar’s hAAT Team Guide


Phase ONE:

Tenacity Jedi by Nukin from Republic

Counter Jedi (link pending)

Qway Gone Fishin’ by McMole2

Kenobi Sink by Nukin from Republic

Phase TWO:

Droids by Nukin from Republic

Elder Zader by Nukin from Republic

Viva La Resistance by McMole2

Scavenger Zody by McMole2

Phase THREE:

Chirpatine by Nukin from Republic

Tiepatine by SmithieD

RTFP by SirLoki

Chirpathrawn by Nukin

Imperial Grand Maneuver by McMole2

Phase FOUR:

Standard Rebels by Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Brazil

Princess Zody by McMole2

Chaze & Friends by FN55378008

Viva La R2 by McMole2


Zader No More by Nukin from Republic

2 Jyn’s and a Teebo (link pending)

Old School (link pending)

Save the Dream by Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Brazil


37 thoughts on “Morningstar 013’s COMPLETE hAAT and Rancor Team List Leave a comment

  1. Why Zeta Barris on the Nihilus team? For the cleanse only? Her abilities can only even their health, she cant heal them under a Nihilus lead.


    • She can heal them. Nihilus’s ability says they can’t heal, Barriss does health equalization not healing. So it’s an excellent workaround.

      • And in case you didn’t realize, health equalization works pretty much the same as a heal. Combined with all the health steal they’ve already got it’s pretty insane.

    • because it requires 4 zetas and is not a wise investment for most players. it does work, but we wanted to highlight the most accesible and affordable teams for players to work toward and the fourth order team is extremely expensive on resources and therefore is not the wisest choice for phase 2.

  2. Thanks for this AMAZING resource!

    I’m curious why you use Leia for “Standard Rebels,” but Han for “Chaze & Friends” – I’d thought they were largely interchangeable in p4. I currently run wiggs/chase/Leia, but I could level Han if he has significantly better synergy.

    *Does* he have better synergy with that team? Or does either character work on either team?

  3. Thanks for the list! It’s been very helpful. I posted a little over 4% in p3 haat, at level 79 and mostly g9 rtfp team. Feeling ahead of the curve

  4. Fantastic update to the guide. Shout out to my guild mate SmithieD!. Another fun rancor solo squad is Zader, teebo, r2, tfp and ee. Gives you best of both worlds and is more forgiving having ee in the mix with healing and revive.

  5. I have a question about the P-4 “Standard Rebels” team posted by GOH Brazil…So I’ve heard some players are using R2D2 in Phase 4, with a Rebels team similar to the “Standard Rebels” team (WITH a Zeta on his Number Crunch Special ).
    I have the “Standard Rebels” team, but I am curious if it would be advantageous to run R2 in there in replacement of one of the others
    (Wiggs, Lando, AA, or Leia)… And if the Standard Rebels team really needs to be run inly “as prescribed”, what Rebel team are people
    having success with, in runing the zeta R2D2 ?

  6. Zader G11, TFP G11, Tarkin G11, Rex G11 and QGJ G10…
    I die in the second level of the rancor… Can some one help me pleas?
    All the characters are moded.

  7. I like the artwork with the hot chick and her space dildo. Really spices up the lists. Good work guys! I’ll keep coming back here for sure.

  8. New P4 Resistance Team for a full phase solo

    Finn (z)
    Rey (z)
    R2-D2 (z – number crunch)
    Resistance Trooper

    Credit to Rybai of Outcast Kings

  9. Can you make the image a link to just the raw image? Every time I come here I right-click > open image in new tab to be able to read it.

    • I’ll ask Morningstar if he had a different reason but I know we tend to approach the raid from a damage per attempt mindset as that’s how our guilds do the hAAT to limit damage and give everybody a chance to hit the phase. Since you’re backing out constantly with Zylo he doesn’t really fit that model.

      • Ok, reason im asking is my guild isn’t quite HAAT ready yet, we are still working on building up teams to get there. Mainly wanted to know if I should tell people to hold off on Zeta’ing Kylo for it and go with others, or is hes ok.

      • Hey buddy so Zylo’s special no longer resets his escape cooldowns. This makes escaping and re-entering P1 harder and you’re relying on a bit of luck for it to work. So that’s why Zylo’s not ok the list anymore and you guys might want to look elsewhere in your p1 farming

  10. The popular solo strategies for Rancor are all about turn meter. Jyn removes all turn meter effectively even at low level, and she can revive rebels.

  11. Are you planning on updating the list to include CLS. My guild is getting close to attempting a HAAT and I am trying to coordinate the crew and looking for helpful strategies. I’ve been using your guide, but hadn’t seen an update with CLS.

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