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Cassian’s U-Wing Pack Review


At $39.99 US Capital Games gives us the first chance at a special ship pack with substantial pilot shards since the Slave I / Boba pack some weeks ago.

The pilots in this instance are Cassian, K2SO and Jyn Erso.  They are all farmable characters now, however, so at first glance these character shards aren’t a huge deal.  This is more or less true in the case of Cassian and K2SO, with one farmable in the arena shop and the other in the Galactic War shop they are both easy farms.

Jyn is a different story for many players.  She is only farmable in the guild store at this time, which as anyone with a seven star Jawa Engineer will tell you, can be a several months long way to farm a character.  Like Jawa Engineer, for most players Jyn’s main use will be as a raid hero.  This means for all those heroic level raiders out there she cannot be used meaningfully until she is all the way to seven stars. So if your Jyn is not yet there, the eighty shards you receive in this pack do present real value. The Cassian and K2SO shards? Not so much.

Now let’s analyze the value of the eighty U-wing shards.  First off, how does this ship’s kit stack up?  Very well it turns out.  Cassian’s U-wing is able to inflict target lock on a three turn cool down, dispel debuffs on a single ally and stealth that ally on a three turn cool down, and gain turn meter whenever it attacks a target locked enemy with its basic “Trailblazer” attack.  We’ve seen what gaining turn meter on a basic like this can do for the First Order Tie Fighter, and we like it a lot.

The Crew ability “Guerilla Strike” calls an assist and adds 20% critical damage to both attacking ships.  If you are using an Ackbar lead as your capital ship, the assisting attacker in Guerilla Strike is also going to receive an additional 40% critical damage (80% if it’s a rebel ship). If we do the math, this means that under an Ackbar lead Geurilla Strike could grant up to 200% critical damage to the assisting ally.  That’s a ton of damage folks.  Ship battles tend to be longer and more drawn out, so doing a lot of damage quickly in this manner could easily be a meta-changing development.

For all these reasons the 80 U-Wing shards in this pack present a ton of value.  They also present a problem.  Currently, Cassian’s U-Wing is not farmable outside of this pack, and you can only purchase it once. This means for all its benefits it will be stuck at four stars for an undetermined amount of time.  For a ship that doesn’t appear especially tanky to begin with, this could be a huge problem if CG takes their time releasing another way to farm its shards.

In sum, the $39.99 US price tag on this pack might end up worth it for some players.  Two things have to be true for this to be the case though.  First, you have to need the Jyn shards.  A player who already has Jyn to seven stars or doesn’t plan on using her to solo the heroic Rancor raid probably should not purchase this pack.  Second, CG needs to quickly make shards for Cassian’s U-Wing available in some other manner so those who do purchase the pack can further invest in this great ship.  If you need more Jyn shards quickly and you’re willing to gamble on the ship release cadence, you may want to pull the trigger on this one folks!



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