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The Republic 5 Minute HAAT Guide

With many guilds conquering heroic HAAT and others gearing up for an initial attempt, we thought it would be helpful to put together a few quick tips for each phase.  This is NOT meant to be an all-inclusive guide on how to beat the raid and cover each potential strategy (for that, check HERE).  Rather, here are some quick ideas that might be helpful for guilds that lack the firepower to blast through raids without worrying about damage overlap or saving enough teams for each phase.
Phase One – Grievous Goes Debuff Crazy:
Top teams:
  • Zeta kylo (who can solo phase 1 due to a bug that lets him reset his escape chance each turn)
  • Jedi
If your guild is worried about completing phase 1 and has a couple members with a zeta on Kylo Ren, they can solo all of phase 1.  The idea is simple, every time kylo gets targeted, he gets more defense and does more damage.  With a zeta on outrage, he can recover all of his protection in a single hit.  Thus, the strategy is to let him get injured a bit, keep spamming outrage on Grievous, then escape when there are 5-6 turns left until Grievous gets enraged.  If escape fails, no worries, due to the ability reset in Greivous’ unique ability, he can try to escape almost every turn.  Put him back in and the enrage clock restarts.  Here is a SmithieD video explaining this strategy in more detail: zylo phase 1!
If your guild isn’t going to use zeta kylos (and I would avoid relying on it long-term since it’s the opposite of a team approach), then jedi are the common answer for phase 1.  If each member does just 86k total damage, then phase 1 is cleared.  Given that jedi get a 20% crit chance boost, they can do damage fast.
Anakin or Aayla are the best leaders. Modding is important. Put a cross with a potency primary on Anakin and EVERY other jedi should have a tenacity primary on the cross. This will increase survivability more than having health or protection on the cross and let’s you get more damage.  Also, load the Jedi up with crit damage so they get the most from that automatic 20% crit chance boost.  This let’s you increase your damage output dramatically. I like crit damage and crit chance mods on each and of course, speed secondaries help. For strategy, Anakin is key here.  I think it works best to make sure your first attack with Anakin is successful in applying buff immunity on Grievous.  in general, you should always use his basic on Grievous unless someone else is taunting and then use his aoe  (sidebar, when I know his AOE will kill the b2 and I also applied buff immunity with Anakin’s last attack, then I will use his AOE to try and get the offense up boost).  Keeping buff immunity on Grievous is the way to big scores.  I will replay the beginning of the fight over and over until I get buff immunity on that first attack.  Any jedi with weak attacks (such as Mace Windu or Eeth Koth) should target the side droids while the stronger attacks target Grievous.  If your jedi are undergeared (think, gear 8-9 overall), then only attack Grievous and ignore all the other droids the whole time.  Your toons will die too quickly to take down the side droids and then get any meaningful damage on Grievous after, but maybe you can squeak out your 2% by just targeting Greivous.

Phase 2: Mastering the Topple
Top teams:
  • Droids (HK-47, IG-88, IG-86, JE, CN)
  • Zeta Vader with a damage over time team (zeta Sidious is perfect here)
  • Resistance
  • Rebels (although they are better on phase 4)
  • Clones (although they are better on phase 4)
For many guilds, phase 2 is the first big test and ultimate stumbling block on heroic raids. It has the most health out of any phase and topples are much harder to get here than players used to normal aat raids will expect. Speaking of topples, timing is absolutely crucial.  Your team gets a MUCH bigger boost if you destroy all 3 turrets (2 side turrets and the top turret) in one “turn” by the main cannon.  To be clear, you do not need to kill them all in a single AOE attack (i.e., Lando or IG-88’s group attacks). Rather, once the main cannon fires once, you want to make sure to kill all of the side turrets before it fires again.  This ensures your whole team gets an extra buff while the tank is toppled and the extra buff is key for effective damage.  Thus, watching turn meter is very important.  The best strategy for most players is to absorb the main tank’s first shot, spread out your first turn damage so that no turrets are killed before it shoots, then take all of the side turrets down before the main cannon fires again.  Once the tank is toppled, do all you can to maximize damage (note, getting speed down and defense down are vital for big damage during topples).
Modding: For droids, get speeeeeed on Jawa Engineer. Put a speed set on and your best speed secondaries. I like doing health for the other set since he will heal himself a little more that way.  On Nebit, health sets are great.  Make sure to have a speed arrow and protection or health primaries on the triangle, cross, or circle.  Nebit’s protection up ally buff skill on his basic is based off Nebit’s own health, so boosting his health can be great here as it will increase protection for the rest of your toons.  On IG-88 and 86, go with crit damage and crit chance.  Put a potency cross on 88 to increase the chance he lands defense down on his AOE. On HK-47, make sure he has over 80% potency, so a potency cross is important.  This is where RNG comes in since you will rely on him to land speed down (and hopefully defense down) during topples.  The difference in damage with a well timed speed and defense down from meatbag mayhem can be well over 300k in a single topple.  Other than that, crit chance or crit damage can work on HK as well.  Here is a video of a droid team getting good timing on topples: Droidz 4 Life.
For rebels, you want a potency cross on Wedge (to get defense down) and then as much crit damage and chance as you can load on him, Biggs, and Lando. The other 2 slots are interchangeable, but Leia or Ackbar can both work well. Of course, Rogue 1 rebels are great here too, but all rebels seem better on phase 4.  Do NOT use ST Han on ph 2.  He is needed for ph 3!
2% of phase 2 is about 384k. A good droid team can reliably get over 1.5m damage.  (Good Zader with Zidious or a good Zody team can both clear 3-4m with ease).  As with phase 1, if you only have an undergeared team, then just focus on the main cannon and get your damage in.  The side and top turrets have much more health than in normal aat, so if you can’t get topples in fast, you can do more damage by just getting a few pops in on the main cannon and letting the other turrets pick you apart.  Many players make the mistake of shooting for the moon and going after topples when their roster would be much better served by just focusing whatever hits they can on the main tank.  Phase 2 is a team effort so do your part and the guild will crush that clanker.

Phase 3:  Cackle Time
Top teams:
  • Chirpatine (Chirpa lead with Palpatine + 3 taunting tanks)
  • Empire Strikes Back (Palp lead with TFP + 3 taunting tanks – SmithieD video)
  • Jawa Power (Datcha lead with TFP, jawa, +2 tanks)
  • Old TFP (Old Bean lead with TFP + 3 tanks)
  • Turn Meter Master Annihilator (Teebo lead with Jyn, Darth Nihilus, and Chaze – see SmithieD video HERE scoring 2.5m points)
Phase 3 for many players is the most challenging phase.  The boss rocket B2 droid lays down tons of debuffs and ability blocks, has a ton of little annoying friends who get a green triangle of death that is basically an early enrage, and there is a one shot cannon in the back that will instantly kill a toon unless your whole team is buffed.  So what gives?  This phase requires the most teamwork since huge scores are the hardest for even most veteran players to put up.  The most consistent team is Chirpa lead with Palpatine and three taunting tanks.  Because of Chirpa’s leader ability and Palp’s turn meter gain, Palp gets 100% turn meter on his basic once all 6 side droids are shocked. The strategy is to use Palp’s basic on each side droid and then once they are all shocked, only attack the main B2 with Palp as time will be frozen (except for that damn B2 counterattack which should only happen 1/3 of the time but seems to be 75% of the time – argh, but I digress).  The team composition and strategy are important here.  St Han is key since once you have him taunt early, Palp can get a shock on everyone before the main cannon in back fires.  You only need Chirp at 7* and gear 6-7 for this to work.  Then you want Chirpa to use his assist attack on a non-shocked side droid first turn and hopefully call Palp to attack which means an extra early shock.  For guilds that are just on the cusp, it is absolutely worth replaying over and over until you get Chirpa to call Palp so you get an extra shock in fast.  Royal Guard is great as well here since he can stun the side droids that get the little green triangle of death and he also has a team defense up buff which keeps your tanks alive longer (and the buff can prevent the back cannon from doing a one shot kill).  I like Sun Fac as a third tank since he can get so much protection, but many other options work (Shore Trooper would be great too for guys with Empire teams).
Mod swapping is essential here for good scores on phase 3. On Palp, many people use offense mods with crit chance on the triangle.  This can work well since Palp has such low base crit chance.  Also, Palp does not need to be that fast, 160-170 is fine if you have St Han in the squad to speed him up.  Personally, when shooting (err, shocking) for max damage, I go with a crit damage and crit chance set and put crit damage on the triangle.  That said, you need a ton of crit chance secondaries on the mods to get his crit chance over 33% or so.  So long as he has about 60% potency, he will reliably land shocks.  Once you are set up or almost set up to have Palp go repeatedly, make sure your taunts are up and then let it roll!
Other good teams are: (1) zeta Vader: (2) Teebo or Old Ben lead with TFP and/or Palp; (3) Palp lead with TFP and 3 tanks; and (4) Datcha lead with jawa, TFP, and 2 tanks.  These teams largely revolve around TFP doing big damage and going fast, which he does when all side droids are debuffed.  For both TFP and Palp, make sure you do NOT kill the side droids.  You need them alive and debuffed for TFP and Palp to go turn meter crazy.

Phase 4:  Attack of the Clones and the Kitchen Sink
Top teams:
  • Princess Zody (zeta Cody with clones + Leia instead of Rex)
  • Rebels (both original rebels (Wiggs) and the new crew (Rogue 1))
  • Zidader (zeta vader + sidious)
  • Boba Fett (It sounds crazy, but I have put up 6% teams with a goofy team of Boba Fett leader, Dengar, IG-88, Jawa, and Maul.  The Boba bounty hunter lead gives plenty of health and all the debuffs keep your team moving very fast.  Use Maul to daze the b2’s and you can have big damage – note, no topples with this team).
For most guilds, if you make it to phase 4, you will finish the raid.  Here, you can throw all remaining 7* toons at the tank and find any combinations that work.  The best teams are zeta Cody (bonus points if you can swap Leia in for Rex), or Rebels with Chirrut and Baze.  The old school rebels work well (often including Phasma here for speed down and crits/turn meter manipulation), but to topple you need to have someone who can reliably buff the team, like Leia, Rex, or raid Han.  Note, as we saw in phase 2, it’s much harder to topple and get big scores than it is in a normal aat.  Unless you have one of these specific teams, it’s a much better approach for most players to NOT topple in phase 4.  The problem with toppling is you need to have all toons buffed at the end of the topple to survive the airstrike and the B2’s respawn after each topple (these B2’s are even more annoying than the regular super annoying B2, since they also ability block on their AOE).  Thus, especially for players with a good number of 7* toons but lacking clones or great rebels, you can get solid damage across multiple teams by defeating the two B2’s, taking out the top turret, then just focusing on the main tank while leaving one or both side turrets alive.  So long as you kill the top turret each time it respawns, you can get a pretty solid score this way.  Also, once your full team dies, you can send in a follow up team and when you do, the B2’s you defeated with the prior team will not revive letting the new squad focus on getting maximum hits on the main tank.  In fact, some players have success sending in some weak toons to handle the B2’s and then send in good rebels after to maximize their damage and let them focus on just destroying the tank.  When using old school rebels, make sure to use Wedge’s basic on the main tank to apply defense down (potency cross needed, and assuming the B2’s are dead) and you will get very nice damage on the Biggs special.

Phase 5: Profit
Collect those General Kenobi shards!
Make sure to reach out to an officer in your guild with questions as your guild conducts its first few tank raids.  Pay attention to discord/line so you know what teams to send in and when to do so.  Get your best mods on each team and then go kick some clanker behind!
Note, mod swapping from one phase to the next is very important.  Even veteran players will typically lack enough mods to get maximum damage on all 4 phases.  However, if you have enough mods to get one team set up very well, it absolutely makes sense to take those mods off after one team goes into the tank and put them on your next team.  This can make a difference of millions of damage over a few phases.
For anyone looking for additional content, here are a few terrific videos that include mod feedback and tips for each phase, created by @nukinftw unless noted otherwise.

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