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Mcmole2 is joining the Game Changers Program

Hey guys, Mcmole2 here.

It is with great enthusiasm that I can announce that I have been invited to join the EA Mobile Game Changers Program.  I will be joining others such as Ahnaldt101, MobileGamer, SmithieD, Mist Passiert, Remon Azab, and Warrior from Team Instinct, to bring you guys special videos showing off future content.

The main question is: what does this mean for you, the loyal reader of the website? The simple answer is, you can come here to find content as they allow us to release it, so you can get some first looks at new content as it goes live. Another question you probably have is if I can provide you with hints about upcoming content, and the simple answer there is no, I can not.

I’m sure you guys have more questions about the Program, and I can do my best to answer what I can, so feel free to ask in the comments below.



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