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Ep7: Nukin Guest Hosts Grandepatron and Ranger

Be sure not to miss this weeks main episode while Nukin fills in for App, hosting Team Instinct and Reality Skewed Gamers special guests Grandepatron and Ranger!

Discussion of Forum/Online Media highlights 

  • Pao theorycrafting
    • Chaze and/or Phoenix counter, mark it, it’s what will make him work
  • ‘Operation Zygon’
  • Ezra event review
  • Why the tournament hate?
  • Investing in bad characters argument
  • Should we farm omegas with cantina energy?
  • Meta direction
    • Where we at now?
    • Where we going?

Question Section

  1. Is Ezra + Kanan viable on a jedi team?
  2. Should counters to a meta be F2P/more easily accessible?
  3. Optimal mods for Zylo p1 hAAT?
  1. Who makes the last spot on the Resistance team…zSid or RP?



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