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Jyn Erso Leader Ability Zeta Review

Jyn Erso Leader Ability Zeta Review

Jyn Erso is a strong Rebel leader with a diverse kit.  When leading other Rebels, especially the Rogue One heroes, Jyn’s upgraded Leader Ability “Into the Fray” can be a powerhouse of a Zeta ability.  Is it good enough to be worth upgrading?  This review will give you all the information you’ll need to know for sure!

Breakdown of “Into the Fray” Zeta Ability

“Rebel Allies have +35% Potency and recovery 5% Protection whenever they gain a buff.  Enemies that suffer debuffs during Rebel allies’ turns have a 50% chance to also become Exposed for 2 turns.  This Expose can’t be resisted.”

There isn’t a ton to break down here…the Zeta upgrade to Into the Fray is very straightforward.  When upgraded, Rebel Allies will recover 5% Protection whenever they gain a buff.  This mechanic, where a percentage Protection is recovered when a certain condition is met, is something we’ve been seeing more and more of over the past couple of months.  Other Zeta ability examples would be Commander Cody’s Leader ability, where Clones recover Protection when they use their basic attack, or Director Krennic’s Leader ability, where Empire allies recover 10% Protection when they score a Critical Hit.

Protection recovery is an inherently powerful mechanic because it goes directly against the grain of what Protection was designed to do.   Protection was introduced to reduce the likelihood of heroes killing one another with just one ability; for a majority of the time that it has existed, there was no way to recover it once it was gone.  By regularly recovering Protection, you are able to continuously safeguard your heroes against One Turn Kills (OTKs), making them that much more difficult to bring down.

In Jyn’s case her Rebel allies must be receiving a steady stream of buffs in order to make this ability really work.  Luckily this is not all that difficult a task as there are a handful of very strong Rebel heroes who toss out plenty of team-wide buffs.  Chirrut Imwe, who recently was added to the Fleet Store, is the most notable.

Ultimately, Jyn is at her best when she is paired with the rest of her Rogue One crew: Cassian Andor, Baze Malbus, Chirrut Imwe and K-2S0.  That doesn’t mean she can’t be utilized as a leader with other Rebels; just that these five heroes were very clearly designed to be used together…they synergize terrifyingly well.

Positives of Zeta

+ Protection Recovery extends longevity of Raid attacks

+ Synergizes well with other Rebels, particularly the Rogue One heroes

+ With the right squad, it is relatively easy to continuously buff your entire team

+ Can make Rebel Tanks very difficult to kill

Downsides of Zeta

+ Is negated by Healing Immunity (currently a debuff inflicted by many popular & strong heroes)

+ 5% Protection is not a lot; many buffs are required to make an impact

+ Without the right heroes to back Jyn up, this Zeta upgrade is wholly useless

Where does Jyn Erso Fit?

A Zeta-upgraded Into the Fray can make Galactic War a breeze.  Regeneration of any kind makes clearing Galactic War very easy, and Into the Fray is no exception.  Personally, I will run Jyn with Baze Malbus, Chirrut Imwe, Lando Calrissian and Princess Leia…it is not uncommon to enter the final node with all five of them above ~75% Protection, and that’s putting most of the entire run on Auto Battle.  While it is extremely satisfying to be able to clear Galactic War so easily, it is next to impossible to advocate for using all the materials a Zeta upgrade requires just to do so.

Into the Fray’s impact in raiding is a bit of a mixed bag, and even then really only in the Tank Takedown raid.

+ The Pit: If you are going to use Jyn in The Pit, it really isn’t necessary to run her as the Leader.  In fact, I personally would still advocate for using Teebo as your leader if you’re dead set on bringing Jyn.  A full solo of The Pit is easily accomplished with Teebo, Jyn, Captain Phasma, Rex and TIE Fighter Pilot…with enough Potency very little RNG is required to solo phases one through four.

+ Tank Takedown: Before discussing Jyn & Co’s viability in the Tank Takedown raid, let’s establish something first: Phases 2 and 4 of the Tank Takedown raid undoubtedly hold the highest damage potential; this is because you can Topple the boss in those phases, dealing massive damage.  When putting together teams that are capable of surviving through an entire Boss’s Enrage timer, utilizing that longevity and capitalizing on Topples in P2 or P4 is key to maximizing your score.  The important question here is not “Can a Jyn-led squad survive until the Enrage timer,” (they can) but instead is “Is a Jyn-led squad able to do more damage than any of the other squads that are capable of surviving until the Enrage timer.”

In my opinion, the answer is a firm “NO.”  The problem, again, is that Jyn is arguably at her best as a Leader when the full complement of Rogue One heroes are present…which means you’d be bringing two tanks (Baze Malbus and K-2S0) into a phase that requires a lot of precisely timed, consistent burst damage…which you’re just not going to get with that squad.  When you start to dismantle the Rogue Squad to try and bring more damage, it quickly becomes clear that using Wedge Antilles as your Rebel leader will net you a higher score; his leader ability is far better suited to dishing out tons of damage.

I’m not saying that Into the Fray is a useless Leader ability in Tank Takedown…I’m just saying that there are better options that will likely net you a higher score.  It certainly isn’t the go-to Zeta ability to amplify your damage.

+ Random Fun Fact: Princess Leia is one of the non-Rogue One heroes who works well with Jyn, as every proc of Against All Odds triggers the Protection recovery (so yes, if it procs 3 times on a triple attack, all Rebel allies recover 15% Protection).

Finally, let’s discuss Jyn’s Arena viability.  Jyn & Co have certainly been a little slow to catch on in the Arena…while we’ve seen Baze & Chirrut be staples of many squads for months, using the entire complement of Rogue One heroes has not been all that popular.  That, however, does not mean that they are not viable.  Quite the opposite, in fact, especially if you are surrounded by a sea of Zeta Darth Maul-led Sith squads.  To put it succinctly, Jyn & Co absolutely destroy Maul/Sith squads.

I’ve said it all throughout this review, and I’ll say it again one last time: Jyn is at her best as a Rebel leader when surrounded by Cassian Andor, Baze Malbus, K-2S0 and Chirrut Imwe.  I don’t want this review to devolve into a “How to play the Rogue One heroes in Arena” article, though, so I’ll just say this: That squad is a very strong Offensive Arena composition.  Really briefly, here’s why:

+ Cassian’s Unique “Groundwork” kicks the battle of with strong buffs for ALL FIVE HEROES

+ Baze & K-2S0 are an extremely efficient Taunt Wall

+ Strong Health Regen, plus Jyn has a Revive ability

+ The Expose debuffs start to get out of control when Cassian and Baze use “Crippling Shot” and “Fierce Reprisal.”

+ They’re always regaining a steady stream of Protection, and can flip a very bad situation into a very positive situation really quickly.

The one major knock against it is that the A.I. does have a tendency to not capitalize on the Expose debuff correctly, so on Defense it can be a bit of a liability…but in my experience, it is still a damn tough squad to defeat.

Ultimately, of the four Zeta abilities that exist among the Rogue One Rebels, Jyn’s leader ability is the only one that is considered a “must-have” if you’re going to try running them in Arena.  Currently, I would classify a full Rogue One squad as one of the top five best Arena compositions in the game.  It has very few hard counters, has incredible staying power and can pump out a ton of damage once it gets rolling.  For this reason, upgrading Jyn’s Leader ability is, in this reviewer’s opinion, worthwhile…if you’ve got the right parts to surround her with!

Caveat Emptor: Your mileage will vary the farther you stray from Rogue One Rebels (or Rebels in general).  Even the lesser-used Rogue One Rebels Bistan and Scarif Rebel Pathfinder find themselves much stronger and with better synergy under Zeta Jyn over old mainstays like Lando Calrissian.  Remember…5% Protection per buff is not that much, so single-buff heroes will not be as impactful!

How to Mod & Use Jyn Erso

Criticial Chance is the name of the game!  Jyn has a very powerful Special ability that can remove all of an enemy’s Turn Meter and Stun them…but she has 0% base Potency.  Luckily for every Critical Hit that Jyn lands, she gains 10% Potency, making her able to land that Turn Meter removal and Stun consistently as the fight carries on.

If your focus is on Arena, you’ll likely still want to start with a bit of Potency on her (where fights are shorter)…but you definitely want to make sure you’re pumping her Critical Chance up as close to 60% as you can get it.  A couple of guaranteed Crits will make sure her Potency is high enough in no time.  Landing Crits is also vitally important to reviving a fallen teammate using her Special ability “Rebel Counterattack.”

Otherwise, you want to make Jyn as fast as you can without sacrificing any Crit Chance.  Despite being an Attacker, Jyn doesn’t really pump out a ton of damage by herself…so if you need to forego putting any Critical Damage sets/mods on her to get her Speed and Crit Chance higher, that should be fine.

Final Thoughts

Jyn is a polarizing hero…initially thought to have an overpowered kit when she was announced, the prohibitive cost of entry to using a full Rogue One squad quickly made her fade from the limelight.  While her Zeta Leader ability is not as high-mileage and valuable as those of a few other heroes, it certainly is a strong Zeta ability when paired with the right complement of allies.  This is probably most true in Arena, where Jyn & Co can easily finish at #1 on the leaderboard.  Now that all of the Rogue One heroes are farmable, I would not be surprised to start seeing them become more popular!




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