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12 Days of Spring Probably Not Returning

Per EA Jesse, while a final decision has not been made the 12 Days of Spring event will probably not return this year.

Here’s the description from last year’s event:

Days of Spring
Receive up to 75,000 Credits and a chance at a droid character or character shard daily from March 16th through March 30th.
Collect 12 Data Card packs to earn the Days of Spring achievement.
Tier IV,V and VI versions of the gear challengers were added, not sure if immediately enabled or not
Are you once again ready to make your heroes stronger, faster and smarter than ever before? Let the training begin – the maximum level is being raised to level 80!
Have thoughts about the level cap increase? Share them in the forums.
Start training today to be the first player to reach level 80 and dominate the holotables!
That wasnt in their patch notes so maybe delayed till later? not sure
Use Crystals to receive a lump sum of Training Droids.
Sufficient quantity to take a single character from level 1 – 80!
There are versions of this for level 40, 50, 60, 70, 80. Also available in a 6 pack
Also now that chirpa is out, you might want to start getting an ewok team together for a future event :)


Thanks to Miles Ryker for info for this post.



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  1. The questions are still there, but the answer tweets have misteriously vanished. Not sure if that’s a good sign or bad..or if my twitter skills are just not up there to see them ;)

    • We were looking at different platforms for the site and it did cause the twitter feed to stop working for a minute this weekend but it should be back up. Is that what you are referring to?

      • No, what I meant is, I cannot find those tweets on twitter (albeit without having an own account, which might be the culprit?). So possibly they were deleted since you took that screenshot.

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