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swgohindepth Ship Podcast Special!!!

Join us as we welcome ship expert Mageduckey to the round table and give McMole2 an opportunity to guest host!

SWGOH In-Depth Podcast Special Edition Ships Episode

Join us as we cover the week in SWGOH news and theory craft to our hearts’ content.

Host for this episode: McMole2

Technical Specialist and Post-Production: Morningstar

Guest: Mageduckey

We’re also now on the Podcast app on iTunes. Just search for us using: SWGOH Doing these are a lot of fun and every episode just gets better and better. Enjoy!! :slight_smile:



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  1. At the 42 minute mark, I say that Sidious never gains turn meter at the end of a Galactic War battle. I was wrong – I actually witnessed it right after the podcast. Oops. I still believe that Biggs not triggering on the death of a ship is working as intended, but my example to back up my belief is not valid.
    – Mageduckey

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