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Ackbar is quite the commander for a target lock team

Hey guys, Mcmole2 here.

In preparation for the Ship podcast (Shipcast) on Monday, March 13, in which I will be hosting, I am uploading videos of different ship teams that are quite powerful.

This team consists of some strong ships with target lock abilities, mostly with their basics. These ships are: both Tie Fighters, Vader’s Tie Advanced, Biggs’ X-Wing, and Bistan’s U-Wing.  These can all apply target lock, and Biggs constantly regains protection and taunt every time an enemy is afflicted with target lock.  This ensures a lot of spreading around of target lock that never goes away thanks to Vader.

When Biggs or another ship finally dies, you can call in Fives, who will have advantage on him automatically thanks to being a reinforcement. With this, his Missile Pod ability is a guaranteed critical hit against each target locked enemy, as well as 20% bonus damage for each target locked enemy. This causes him to deal massive damage, upwards of 70k on each target.  This all combines for a potential one-shot of the entire enemy team, allowing a quick victory.

You can view the video down below, and keep an eye out for more videos of ship teams as I prep for the Shipcast.  Thanks for reading this guys, and enjoy the video!



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