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Ep 3: Phoenix Rising

Join us as we cover the week in SWGOH news and theory craft to our hearts’ content: new characters, a new event only days away, even a Lego machine to burn all those ally points we know you’re hoarding!

Host: Appropriate Name

Technical Specialist and Post-Production: Morningstar

Panel: Maliabean, Nukin, Good Ole Maurice, Morningstar, Dr. Nocard, Dink Dink, Crazy Excuses, Panda, Methos, McMole2, EWF, Talin, Knotty Karate and more!

Here is a supplement of links to help understand the discussion:

Watch McMole2 wreck GW with a fully leveled Nihilus lead team

Watch Nukin solo the rancor with his new Empire/Sith refined team post patch update

Phoenix Squad may take over as new meta given the teaser post we discussed

Click here to learn how to spend your ally points :)

Statistical analysis of drop rates on shards and gear

Chopper shows up in Rogue One

SmithieD Interview – this guy knows his game



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