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Price War Easing With Release of Nihilus Pack

A rare 30 shard drop courtesy of a TeamSkunk Republic Veteran.

CG has struck a conciliatory tone with players after widespread uproar over the Citadel packs.  The Citadel packs, which become unavailable after today, charge 2,999 crystals  and keep you in the dark about whether you will receive Krennic shards or Deathtrooper shards upon purchase.

As previously reported here, with the release of these three new Sith characters CG was already moving to a more user-friendly customer experience with the new packs and a lowering of the price by more than 50% confirms this.

Overall, however, pricing in SWGOH remains fluid. We are curious to see if this is simply a lowering of the price of new character shards or if a corresponding price increase will sprout up in the next several weeks as CG attempts to offset any changes to revenue estimates resulting from the pack price decreases.

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