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Don’t know who to gear? Check this gear list in advance!

Alright, if you are anything like me (and if not, you are quite lucky indeed), you overly obsess on every gear decision and who to farm next.  This is an especially tricky decision since we now have the three new sith toons that look rather fantastic and may be worth farming, although we know they won’t be placed in a farmable location for 2-3 months.  Thus, if you want to have all of the gear ready to go when they become farmable, or you know, as soon as possible bcuz I wantz it NOW, then look no further.  Attached here [swgoh-gear-farm-list] is a chart created by yours truly (with inspiration shamelessly stolen from a source I don’t remember), that lists the full gear requirements for all hard to farm gear AND the level of gear where that item is used for each of the below recently released characters:

  • General Kenobi
  • Sith Trooper
  • Darth Nihilus
  • Sith Assassin
  • Director Krennic
  • Deathtrooper

Note that Kenobi, Sith Trooper, and Sith Assassin are incredibly hard to gear while Nihilus is surprisingly easy.

As much as I LOVE, I found it very helpful to have a list of what gear is needed that I can save locally and update and know what I need to farm next, particularly if I only want to farm someone to 10*.  I first used this chart for Kenobi and I now should have him fully maxed when he is unlocked in 9 days, 3 hours, and 21 minutes… not that I’m counting.

Directions are pretty simply, the yellow cells are the variable tabs.  Enter your gear there and the rest will autopopulate to let you know what else is needed.  I also modified the Kenobi tab in the chart so that you can enter the number of Kenobi shards you have and it will tell you the date of unlock based on your ranking.  Feel free to tinker with it and hope it helps!


Please leave a comment with any feedback and we will be updating this list as new toons are released so stay tuned.



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