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New Quality of Life Updates

*** Sources suggest every day until the QOL update a different major YouTuber will release more info on two of the new changes, just as Mobile Gamer does in this post, so stay tuned! ***

Second Announcement:

Highlights included choosing what type of attack (special versus primary) is used in an auto battle and better rewards in challenges.

First Announcement:


Just announced we will now have the ability to:

1) Select and save squads (for different raid phases, GW, PvP, however we want) that will then auto populate into our five man roster for that specific battle.  When asked on Twitter if there would be a mod switching component to this: img_1498

2) We will be able to speed up battles UP TO 4x actual speed.  So soloing the Rancor will be a 20 minute ordeal later this week!

Here’s the complete post by EA Jesse


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