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EA Jesse Interview Update

The SWGOH podcast legends at the Galactic War Report had EA Jesse on this week here.  We strongly recommend listening yourself, those guys do awesome work, here are some of the important tidbits:

-The new Lord of Hunger pack will become available to purchase after the second Nihilus event once you have unlocked Nihilus. One pack for each new Sith character giving you 5-30 shards for that character, so if you only want one of those characters you only have to buy that character’s pack.

-The devs want to move away from a single meta model and into a more “rock, paper scissors” PvP model where one team may counter another team but be countered by yet a different team, so it is “harder to hold on to that number one spot” (all quotes by EA Jesse himself).

-There are currently unspecified plans to ease the gear crunch for “certain” gear.

– EA Jesse is sitting on 500K ally points himself but there are no plans to use ally points for anything useful so he recommends spending some on bronziums.

-SW Rebels characters “might be coming sooner than you think” to SWGOH.

-EA Jesse thinks the Savage Opress and Sith Assassin combination will be huge.  It will basically allow for a complete bypassing of an opponent character’s protection.  He’s also really excited about Darth Nihilus’s auto kill ability but says it will require tactical use and you should stack protection NOT health when modding characters under a Nihilus lead.

-Next update will focus on QOL “big changes on how you interact with the game.” “Functional changes that make it way better to play.”  Update info dropped tonight actually and we discuss it here.

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